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The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Outstanding Image Quality for Quantification. Better Resolution and Flatness


Flexible for Many Applications


Achieve More in Less Time

Olympus SLIDEVIEW VS200 Solution with Reliable, Flexible, and High-Throughput Slide Scanning

Using Olympus’ leading-edge X Line objectives enables higher resolution, flatter images for outstanding digital slides for quantitative data analysisThe Olympus SLIDEVIEW VS200 slide scanner captures high-quality virtual slide images and offers flexibility to empower advanced quantitative image analysis for brain, cancer and stem cell research, as well as drug discovery. Simple to use, its intuitive workflows enable users to start scanning a slide in as few as two clicks.By employing Olympus X Line objectives at the core of the system, users obtain flatter images with a wider field of view and no intensity fall-off near the periphery. Scientists can see more of their slides in less time.

  • brain research

  • stem cell research

  • microscope Accessories

  • digitization

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