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Modular High-Content Screening Station for Life Sciences

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Self-Learning Microscopy with Deep-Learning Technology


High-Speed TruSight Deconvolution


TruFocus with Infrared (IR) Laser Hardware Autofocus

Fully automated image acquisition of samples through deep-learning technology

The scanR modular microscope-based imaging platform provides fully automated image acquisition and data analysis of biological samples through deep-learning technology. The scanR screening station combines the modularity and flexibility of a microscope-based setup with the automation, speed, and throughput demanded by high-content screening. Well-suited for standard assays and assay development, the modular design makes the scanR station adaptable to R&D lab applications or multiuser environments.The systems flexible design enables it to meet the requirements for quantitative imaging and image analysis in modern cell biology, molecular biology, systems biology, and medical research.

  • artificial intelligence

  • Image analysis systems

  • microscopy accessories

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