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Characterize and Quantify Proteins with Only a Single Droplet

The Top 3 Advantages

Uncomplicated workflow – Load sample, attach biosensor and measure


Saves space – Footprint less than half an A4-sized paper sheet


Sensitive – Detect active proteins at concentrations of a few ng/mL, label-free and easily

Label-free real-time protein analysis directly on your benchtop

Designed for fast and uncomplicated real-time analyses in basic research and process control, the BLItz Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) System requires minimal space, letting you analyze proteins on site, on your lab bench.

The manual single-channel system allows you to quantify and characterize molecules >5,000 Da label-free even in unpurified samples, saving you valuable sample preparation time. Using only 4 µL of sample you can determine, for example, the binding rate and affinity constants of molecular interactions (ka, kd, KD) within a few minutes.

Such real-time analyses allow you to develop, validate and optimize immunoassays within a very short time. The microfluidics-free Dip-and-Read™ format allows you to replace sensor tips easily and cost-effectively, thereby accelerating assay development and reducing maintenance costs.

Take advantage of the speed and flexibility of the BLI technology for your research.

  • biolayer interferometry

  • real-time analysis

  • protein quantification

  • immunoassays

  • assay development

  • protein analytics

  • protein characterization

  • process control

  • biolayer interferometers

  • binding interactions

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