2-In-1 Solution for Visual & Chemical Material Analysis of Microstructures Saves 90% Time

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

2 systems in 1 for visual & chemical analysis


In one second to a chemical fingerprint


No SEM sample preparation nor transfer required

Integrated Laser Spectroscopy Transforms an Optical Microscope into a Single-Stage Combined Solution

Visually inspect and chemically analyze in a single work step with your DM6 M LIBS materials analysis solution.  The integrated laser spectroscopy function delivers the chemical composition of the microstructure that you see in the microscope image – within a second.

Speed up your workflow. The LIBS module turns a Leica optical microscope into a 1-step solution that combines visual inspection and chemical analysis right at your workspace. Determine the composition of what you have visually identified within seconds. Use LIBS to perform advanced material analysis 90% faster compared to inspection with SEM/EDS. Surface contamination or coatings can also be easily removed. Chemical mapping and micro-drilling are further analytical steps.

Proven on Mars. LIBS is solid, reliable, and does not need extensive sample preparation like other analysis methods. This fact made LIBS the first choice when equipping the NASA Mars rover Curiosity. Prepare to discover the unexpected.

  • laser spectroscopy

  • composition analysis

  • material analysis

  • optical microscopy

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