Manual Kjeldahl Analysis: Fast and Efficient from the Very First Sample

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Fast - High-performance heater for up to 6 samples per unit


Flexible - Individually controllable heating points for single samples and samples with different boiling points


Compact – Well thought-through design to save space and to work comfortably

Introduce Automation Step by Step

For manual Kjeldahl analysis, complicated in-house appliances are often used. C. Gerhardt's classic instruments let you benefit from the advantages of instrument-supported Kjeldahl analysis from your very first sample: for improved reproducibility and more efficient use of your time and resources, customize the instrumentation exactly to your needs, for example by using suction washers or automated distillation units of the VAPODEST® series.

Benefit from 130 years of experience in constructing equipment for Kjeldahl analysis. At C. Gerhardt you will find the Kjeldahl solution you need, whether it is a classical apparatus for the smallest of quantities or a fully automated system.

  • Kjeldahl analysis

  • nitrogen determination

  • protein determination

  • steam distillation

  • food analytics

  • environmental analytics

  • Kjeldahl systems

  • feed analytics

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