Pipetting Made Easy: Single and Multichannel Pipettes for Even Easier & More Efficient Lab Work

The Top 3 Advantages

one-hand operation


ergonomic design for all hand sizes


volume-change protection prevents accidental adjustments

True One-Hand Operation without Changing Your Grip When Adjusting Volume, Pipetting or Ejecting Tip

The Transferpette® S from BRAND has been one of the most popular pipettes for demanding applicationsfor over 10 years thanks to its precision and quality. BRAND has implemented user feedback to create a new generation of instruments, available early in 2020.The result is an attractive new design with improved features to make every day’s work even easier and more efficient.

Thanks to the new geometry of the handle, the Transferpette® S provides a very comfortable grip in any hand position, regardless of hand size or dexterity. Changing your gripping position while working is not necessary, since the Transferpette® S continues to provide true one-handed operation: Volume setting, pipetting, and tip ejection are easily managed with a single hand.

Even when wearing gloves, the newly designed volume change protection is easy to operate and shows at a glance whether the pipette is secured against accidental adjustment.

The shaft coupling of the new Transferpette® S is located in the handle, improving ergonomics and making cleaning easier.

Because the shaft is even slimmer, samples can be easily taken from narrow vessels and vials.

Test the Transferpette for two weeks free of charge in your laboratory. Just request information right away.

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