Objective, Quantitative Assessment of Cell Growth

Rapid, Automated, Label-Free Imaging for Monitoring Cell Growth and Assurance of Monoclonality

Rapid determination of the growth of cell lines is important for a number of processes, such as optimization of cell culture conditions and verification of monoclonality. However, conventional techniques are time-consuming, subjective and may risk interference with cell growth. Save time and produce objective, quantitative, and consistent results by using the CloneSelect Imager system to overcome the challenges associated with conventional techniques.

  • Label-free white light imaging of living cells
  • Suitable for adherent and settled suspension cells
  • Growth rates accurately determined in every well of a 96-well plate

After initial seeding, CloneSelect Imager system can image every well, at any time point, using a ‘loci of growth’ functionality to highlight those wells that contain a single colony for monoclonality verification.

  • Seed one cell per well and image at any point
  • Focus on wells with a single loci of growth and view image history to verify monoclonality
  • Verify colony origin by tracking image history of each well

The CloneSelect Imager can be used to rapidly screen culture variables to identify optimal culture conditions for low density or clonal outgrowth.

  • Identify low-cell density growth conditions over a two-week period
  • Development of optimized cell lines with a robust and expanded growth range
  • cell culture monitoring

  • antibody screening

  • cell line development

  • monoclonality

  • cell growth

  • imager systems

  • cell analyzers

  • cell culture systems

  • imaging systems

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