OxiTop-IDS: Respiration and Digestion Tests Made Easy

Far beyond the classical BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), the system allows to perform a multitude of respiration tests.

The new OxiTop®-IDS measuring heads can be used to perform a multitude of respirometric degradation tests, from simple BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) measurements for self-check purposes to degradation tests according to OECD, soil respiration tests and measurements of anaerobic processes, e.g. in biogas production, with a duration of up to 180 days.

The measuring heads are operated by WTW Multi 3620 IDS and Multi 3630 IDS portable instruments via a Bluetooth®-LE connection. The data  output is via the instruments’ USB interface. However, basic BOD measurements can now be conducted without the external control unit too.

The OxiTop®-IDS is the successor of the OxiTop®-C, offering a more modern user interface and improved performance. The bright orange colour of the heads signals the radio communication capability within the IDS system.

A variant with a corrosion-proof sensor and enhanced measuring range for biogas applications is also available (OxiTop®-IDS/B with orange/cosmos grey housing).

The heads are available in proven, ready-to-use sets including sample bottles, stirring platforms and accessories. Existing accessories, bottles, vessels and adapters are fully compatible with the new heads.

  • respiration tests

  • BOD analysers

  • respiration

  • biochemical oxygen demand

  • oxygen sensors

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