A Bluetooth®-enabled Pipetting System to Improve Traceability & Reliability at the Bench

An All-In-One solution for planning, executing, and tracking your protocols in the lab

TRACKMAN Connected improves traceability and reproducibility in the lab

TRACKMAN Connected allows results to be saved, shared, and exported through an open-source electronic lab notebook

When paired with exclusive accessories and applications through Bluetooth technology, TRACKMAN Connected guides you through your microplate method

Bring traceability and reliability to the bench through our Bluetooth-enabled tablet and pipetting system, TRACKMAN® Connected.

Designed to communicate with PIPETMAN® M Connected via Bluetooth®, the tablet interacts in real-time with the pipette and guides you through your protocol with PipettePilot®, an app that’s installed directly on your TRACKMAN Connected tablet.

When protocols are completed, results can be saved and exported to share with team members. Additionally, the PipetteScopeTM app informs you when your pipette needs to be calibrated and allows you to request appointments, view service history, and access usage analytics.

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  • traceability
  • pipetting
  • liquid handling
  • multichannel pipetting systems
  • multichannel pipettors
  • microplate tracking
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