High-Tech Weighing on a Small Footprint: XPR Analytical Balances

Efficient high-performance weighing with maximum data integrity & no electrostatic charges at all

Relaxed weighing instead of tedious routines
We have lowered the new Excellence balance so you can work more comfortably. Lower access to the weighing chamber allows you to conveniently place your arm on the table while weighing in, which prevents muscle tension. This allows you to operate with a steady hand and results in less sample loss due to spills and scattering, even when working over long periods.

Work like you would with a tablet
The display has been extended even further for better handling, modern functionality und visibility. You can scroll, swipe and touch the terminal screen – just like you would when using a tablet – even when wearing gloves. The larger display lets you see all the information you need at a glance. For this reason, the new balance line is also perfectly suited for longer working distances, including use in glove boxes.

Spilled sample? Simply continue working without weighing errors
No more weighing errors and no worries when sample material spills and scatters! If something spills, it will fall through the grid instead of falsifying your measurement. Simply continue working and take care of the cleaning later. Plus, cleaning is easier than ever! Anything you spill is gone with a single wipe.

The only balance that detects and eliminates electrostatic charges
Avoid one of the most significant hidden sources of errors when weighing. For the first time, a balance can tell you how much a built-up charge is affecting your results. If the result is within the weighing range, you can keep working. If the error is outside pre-set tolerances, the balance will automatically eliminate the charge so you can be sure your results are correct.

Fits perfectly where you need it to be
This balance fits on every lab bench! Space-saving electronics and a patented cooling system mean you don’t need a separate electronic unit like many other high performance balances do. The balance has a smaller-than-ever footprint, only covering the area of an A4-sized sheet of paper. Place the balance where it makes the most sense for your processes. Thanks to its lower height, it is also ideal for weighing cabinets.

50% lower minimum weight
If your sample is special, you’ll want to use as little of it as possible. No matter whether you are weighing demanding, toxic and/or very valuable samples, thanks to the up to 50% lower minimum weight of the new Excellence Analytical balances, you can use your sample economically and cut costs significantly.

The turnkey weighing solution for FDA 21 CFR Part 11
The Excellence balance meets all the data integrity requirements of MHRA and FDA 21 CFR Part 11. The LabX® software connects all Excellence line instruments with a secure, central database. And the validity of your weighing data is documented until the end of the balance's lifespan. Simply perfect for your audit.

A safe investment: Backwards compatible & future-proof
Data capture, calculation, documentation and transfer can easily account for 50% of your weighing process time. Optimize the efficiency of your workflow. Transmit your weighing data digitally to your existing LIMS via smart connectivity options (e.g. USB, Ethernet). Your balance can be easily connected to old and future instruments in your lab. This ensures that your investment will pay off.

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