High-Performance Ion-Detectors for Mass Spectroscopy

The long life-time and robustness of our products are a benchmark for the whole photonic industry. Mass analysis based on time-of-flight requires an ion detector with a fast time response. Our microchannel plate (MCP) assemblies, designed for TOF-MS, have a response time from a few nanoseconds to as fast as 450 ps FWHM. In addition, they are robust and have excellent flatness, which they retain even after long-term use.

Our materials for MCPs are optimised to maintain flatness and to provide you with the lowest time-jitter for your TOF measurement. The special funnel-channel walls of our MCPs lead to an open-aspect ratio of up to 90 %. We also welcome requests for customized MCP assemblies.

If you are looking for the best detector for your quadruple or sector-field analyser, then look to Hamamatsu's extensive range of electron multipliers which deliver the highest gain and widest dynamic range.

Are you looking for a soft ionisation method which will not produce the interfering fragments? Then why don't you try the photo-ionisation with Hamamatsu's range of Deuterium-Lamps.

  • mass spectrometer accessories

  • ion detectors

  • electron multipliers

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