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Label-free Analysis of Binding Interactions in High-Throughput

Fast protein quantification, kinetic and screening assays, all microfluidics-free

From screening biologics candidates in drug discovery to uncovering new insights into biophysics and cellular signaling, Pall FortéBio’s new Octet RED96e system is your partner in finding the next big thing faster. Using label-free biolayer interferometry (BLI) to measure binding interactions of small molecules, proteins, antibodies, and even mammalian cells, the Octet RED96e system can determine binding specificity, calculate titer, characterize affinity, and more.

An enhancement to our industry-leading 8-channel Octet RED96 system, the fully automated new RED96e can perform assays over a wide temperature range of 15 to 40°C, allowing for kinetics measurement of unstable proteins at lower temperatures, or biologically relevant molecules at physiological temperatures. It also allows the measurement of long dissociation times, e.g. in high-affinity binding partners.

A biolayer interferometry for more flexibility

BLI assays allow rapid, reliable high-throughput protein analyses without work-intensive and time-consuming sample preparations, even in crude matrices such as cell culture supernatants and lysates. A wide variety of biosensor coatings are available for many different applications. The Octet RED96e system is microfluidics-free, thereby reducing assay complexity, eliminating time-consuming cleaning steps and cutting operating costs. In addition, the sample material remains available after analysis for further investigation.

The Octet RED96e system is designed to work reliably in regulated environments. Pall FortéBio provides 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software and a full range of GxP products and services as part of the Octet RED96e GxP package (details on request).

Key Benefits

  • Flexible 8-channel system for high-quality kinetic screening and affinity characterization of biomolecules
  • Enables both simple and complex assay formats to quantify biomolecules, and also the measurement of contaminants such as host cell proteins and residual protein A
  • Reduced assay runtime and maintenance costs thanks to the microfluidics-free Dip and Read™ format
  • Active temperature control for heat-sensitive proteins and for thermodynamic analyses
  • User-friendly and application-focused software for easy operation and data evaluation
  • Full service package for quality assurance and GxP-regulated laboratories
  • biolayer interferometry

  • kinetic screening

  • affinity characterization

  • drug discovery

  • protein analysis

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FortéBio by Molecular Devices (Germany) GmbH
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