Award-Winning Quality: Delivery and Dispensing Pumps with Intelligent Control from Hirschmann

Pumps and pump heads designed for your laboratory and industrial applications

The rotarus pump family from Hirschmann encompasses continuous dispensing pumps (peristaltic pumps) and delivery pumps for a variety of applications in the laboratory and industry. A selection of different motors, varying housing safety classes and intelligent control of delivery volumes ensure their suitability for a broad variety of tasks. They can be employed as peristaltic and positive displacement pumps, thanks to our diverse range of pump heads.

Hirschmann's liquid handling competence is also evident in the sophisticated functions and innovative details of rotarus pumps. 30 to 100 watt motors ensure precision delivery in speed ranges from 0.2 to 3,100 revolutions per minute. This means that media with a high viscosity can also be accurately dispensed.

RFID technology is used to detect the pump head and tubes. Configuration data for basic parameters can also be stored in this manner and retrieved at any time. The rotarus flow, rotarus volume and rotarus fast models are capable of automatic blockage detection and hose leakage monitoring in conjunction with a peristaltic pump head.

Comfortable use and rapid handling

A control panel for the most important functions is integrated directly into the housing on all rotarus dispensing and delivery pump models. In addition, the rotarus flow, rotarus volume and rotarus fast are also equipped with an external control module with a touchscreen.

The standard connection technology with which pump heads are equipped ensures rapid handling. Changing is realised quickly and simply in a single action without using tools. The range encompasses a comprehensive selection of single and multichannel peristaltic pump heads and positive displacement pump heads. Pump heads from other manufacturers can also be fitted without difficulty using an adapter. rotarus single-channel pump heads are easily cascaded, meaning several single-channel pump heads can be stacked in an assembly and operated on a single rotarus pump.

Appropriate power for individual applications

Pumps can be powered using a variety of different motors with 30 to 100 watt. They ensure that the required power is provided to suit the application, flow rate and medium.

Award-winning styling and function

The entire rotarus family of delivery and dispensing pumps has been developed to conform to the fundamental principles of Hirschmann design. The pump series is distinguished by contemporary design, ergonomics, ecological compatibility and a high degree of innovation coupled with a low space requirement.

Users and a variety of juries have been impressed by this design quality and, equally, the functionality of the rotarus pump family. rotarus has been distinguished with a total of 6 awards since it was launched on the market.

Overview of rotarus dispensing and delivery pumps

  • Rapid tool-free changing of pump heads
  • Automatic pump head and tube identification with RFID technology (for the rotarus flow, volume and fast)
  • Control panel located directly on pump housing
  • External TFT touchscreen with user-friendly menu (standard feature for the rotarus flow, volume and fast)
  • Calibratable
  • Operation with 24 V DC, and outdoor use is also possible with appropriate accessories
  • USB and RS232 interface for PC connection
  • positive displacement pumps

  • peristaltic pumps

  • dispense pumps

  • delivery pumps

  • pump heads

  • single channel peristaltic pump heads

  • positive displacement pump heads

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