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Chromatograhy and SPE Media Solutions

Versatile, Pure & High Performing Porous Materials

POREX® Chromatography solutions enhance the purity, resiliency and tolerance process control for a wide range of applications.

Our functionally optimized materials help reduce interferences due to extractables in SPE processes and contamination in purification and extraction procedures. POREX® Chromatography materials and products include SPE Frits; dissolution filters; 96, deep well plate and affinity pipette tip filters; spin column, C8, C18, CPG, ion- exchange, reverse phase media and gel filtration support products.

Materials are available molded, in cut disks and in many different pore sizes, thicknesses and diameters along with a broad range of functional chemistries.

  • chromatography media

  • chromatography columns

  • pipette tip filters

  • deepwell plates

  • dissolution filters

  • SPE frits

Porex Technologies GmbH
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