Laboratory Freeze Dryer – Electrically Heated Shelves without Cable Clutter

Comfortable Handling by Rectangular Frontloader

Facts and Benefits:

  • Rectangular frontloader instead of round acrylic chamber for easy handling
  • Electrically heated shelves with WST (Wireless Shelf Technology) for reduced cycle times and homogeneous results
  • WST avoids difficult handling of wired shelves and racks after prefreezing.
  • No freezing of cables on freezer wall or on ice condenser, when freezing directly in the lyophilizer.
  • The temperature of each shelf is controlled individually by means of the built-in T-probe via the control system LSC p l u s corresponding to the real energy consumption of sublimation.
  • Every shelf has plugs for 1 product temperature probe and 1 Lyo-Rx probe.
  • Central vacuum fitting NS 45/40
  • Option: manual adjustment of shelf interdistances in 3 mm steps with a latching mechanism
  • Option: plus flask drying

LyoCube® 4-8

  • Shelf dimensions: width x depth x height = 250 x 300 x 18 mm
  • Area of 1 shelf: 0.075 m²
  • Shelf area and interdistance: 0.375 m² with 5+1 shelves for example s = 57 mm
  • Chamber dimensions: width x depth x height = 336 x 370 x 426 mm
  • Chamber volume: 53 l
  • Weight: ca. 49 kg

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