From Freezing Cold to Red Hot, We Offer Temperature Control Systems from -95 °C to +400 °C

Professional Temperature Control for Science, Research and Industry

As expert in temperature control, JULABO presents innovative and robust temperature control solutions for working temperatures from -95 °C to +400 °C in the company’s brochures.

Everything clearly arranged and easy to read: Temperature control instruments and smart accessories with useful tips regarding temperature control applications.

The brochures offer comprehensive information about the different circulator series Corio, TopTech, and HighTech, the high dynamic temperature systems PRESTO and Forte HT, and the recirculating coolers / chillers. The brochure offering is completed with shaking water baths, instruments for special requirements, and thermal bath fluids.

  • thermostats

  • temperature control systems


  • refrigerated circulator baths

  • recirculating chillers

  • chillers

  • cooling thermostats

  • heating thermostats

  • water baths

  • continuous cooler

  • tempering systems

  • process thermostats

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