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Pure Chromatography Systems

Use of compressed air is sufficient for ELSD, no need to use expensive gases like argon or nitrogen ✓ Reliable system security thanks to automatic monitoring functions and settings ✓ Countless equipment variants ✓ more

COMPACT PREP-FLASH SYSTEM with DAD detector, gradient pump, inject valve and fraction collector.

Six gradient valves allow easy method changing without need of system washing out ✓ Sophisticated touch screen menu makes operating user friendly ✓ 3D spectra helps sample identification and purity checking more

HPLC and Liquid handling customized systems for no limits - just solutions

HPLC systems for flow from up to 5000 ml/min available upon reuest in GMP and/or ATEX ✓ Liquid handling with no compromises in dimensions and flexibility ✓ Tubing systems and sub-assemblies customized to customer's expectation more

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  • Grace opens Discovery Sciences Technical Center in Shanghai

    W. R. Grace & Co. announced that it will open a technical services laboratory in Shanghai, China for its Grace Davison Discovery Sciences product group, significantly improving the company's ability to support life sciences R&D across Asia. Technical personnel in the new facility will primarily be more

  • Grace Acquires Grom Analytik + HPLC GmbH in Germany

    W. R. Grace & Co. announced that its German subsidiary, Grace Holding GmbH, has acquired GROM ANALYTIK + HPLC GmbH, located in Rottenburg-Halfingen. Grom specializes in HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) column packing technology and services designed for high performance small molecule a more

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