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Fully Automated Viral RNA Extraction and Detection Workflows

Delivers highly purified viral RNA for use in PCR-based applications ✓ Automation-friendly ✓ Complete research and detection workflows more

Automation of N-glycan preparation using the Andrew+ Pipetting robot

Rapid, error free analysis of n-Glycans ✓ Easy to transfer methods using cloud-native OneLab software ✓ Fully traceable GlycoWorks sample prep, well suited to regulated environments ✓ more

Automate your Plasmid DNA Prep with Andrew+

Increased throughput without compromising plasmid yield, DNA integrity and flow rates ✓ Achieve automation without programming knowledge or automation expertise ✓ Benefit from highly intuitive cloud-native OneLab software for easy method transfer to other labs ✓ more

News Pipetting Robots

  • An AI Robot for Pipetting

    Pipettes are important tools for scientists when transporting liquids in medical, pharmaceutical, biology, and chemistry laboratories. Using pipettes precisely is especially important when repeating experiments. The University of Freiburg researchers Julius Wiener, Tobias Zundel, and Oliver Brunner more

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