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analytica-world.com is the industry portal of the international trade fair analytica, which is organized by Messe München.
analytica-world.com is the industry portal of the international trade fair analytica, which is organized by Messe München.
analytica-world news No. 14

Dear Sir or Madam,

welcome to analytica-world news. In this issue of the newsletter, we present a 25,000-year-old human environmental genome, ethane-eating microbes and the hidden culprit that kills lithium metal batteries from the inside. In addition, as usual, we inform you about new products, current job offers and news from business and science.


Susanne Grödl,
Exhibition Director analytica

 Susanne Grödl
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Flexible, Affordable Performance for Ion Chromatography.
Reliable System for Simple Ion Analysis, Straightforward Operation and Great Value

Aquion, Ion Chromatography, IC, anions, cations conductivity, ion analysis, Dionex, routine analysis, water testing, food and beverage testing, p ...   more

Nitrogen determination with the Dumas method
DUMATHERM – the nitrogen analyser for high-throughput laboratories

Available with a unique manual sample loader or an autosampler for up to 120 samples DUMATHERM performs according to international standards and r ...   more

Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis in Laboratory Quality
Analyze chemical compositions and identify alloys with this compact
X-ray gun

The X-ray fluorescence spectrometer weighs only 1.7 kg and contains everything you need for X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis in lab quality   more

The New Standard in Adhesion and Cohesion Testing
Materials Testing According to ISO 4624, DIN EN 15870 and More

Adhesive and tensile strength of composite materials, multi-layer films and bonded parts are determined by the LUMiFrac without sample clamping   more

Everything under Control - with This Intelligent Microwave Digestion System
High Sample Throughput with Just One Click

Totally redesigned with an impressive list of features and capabilities, MARS 6 was developed to make microwave sample preparation virtually effor ...   more

SPECTROGREEN ICP-OES: Revolutionary Dual Side-On Interface (DSOI) Technology
Now Available in Three Versions – for maximum flexibility with a convincing price-performance ratio

Thanks to DSOI technology twice the sensitivity of conventional radial-plasma-view instruments ✓ TI enables highest sensitivity for trace elements ...   more

QSight ® LC/MS/MS-System
The most sensitive and robust solution for your food safety

DUAL SOURCE - true inline ESI/APCI multiplexing flexibility ✓ STAYCLEAN SOURCE and HSID INTERFACE - laminar flow for longterm reproducable results ...   more

Ghost-Buster II column
Further improvement, excellent performance!

Remove Ghost Peaks ✓ Stronger Capturing Effect ✓ More Stable Baseline   more

Your partner for development & production of recombinant proteins
For in-vitro diagnostic, research and preclinical trials

Expressed via transient transfection in mammalian cells within a few weeks ✓ Whether a few mg for your research or larger quantities for your prod ...   more

Hydrogen gas generator for GC-FID
Precision SL Hydrogen is a cost-effective, reliable and efficient alternative for GC

Smallest and easiest to use Hydrogen generator for GC-FID ✓ 99.9995% purity @ 100 psi & 1 button start-up and shutdown ✓ 2 models – 100cc and 200cc   more

Automated thermal desorber for high-throughput automated analysis
Lowering detection limits & offering rapid throughput for a broad range of applications

Electrical cooling: Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of cryogen, and avoid ice formation ✓ Sample splitting & re-collection: Repeat analyses ...   more

Miniaturized Motion Controller and Drive with the Perfection of a Swiss Watch
The micro motors have now the iPOS2401 - a motion controller to match their size

Among the smallest CAN and EtherCAT drives available on the market ✓ Embedded motion controller for high-end positioning applications ✓ Distribute ...   more

A New Generation in Antibody Development
Fast! Direct! Specific!

Flexible, fast and specific antibody generation ✓ Genetic engineering of mammalian cells ✓ Assay development using antibodies   more

New powerful chemometrics platform
Transform complex GC & GC-MS data into meaningful results

Simplify data from a wide range of file formats for GC & GC×GC using automated, untargeted workflow ✓ Discover hidden differences between sample c ...   more

Real-time analysis directly in the process stream
Know More – Do More – Get More

Fastest installation and implementation and calibration ✓ Measurement probes and cells for pasty products, powders and liquids with high dry matte ...   more

molecule stabilization and visualization of their interaction – matching system components
preserving molecules and visualizing their interaction – matching system components

faster product development due to harmonized products ✓ flexible development and application due to broad portfolio ✓ comprehensive fields of appl ...   more

Identifying increased body surface temperature through thermography.
Fast identification of potentially sick people with Testo's thermal imagers.

Reliable: 1280 x 960 pixel resolution and extremely good thermal sensitivity. ✓ Secure: Alarm signal indicates individuals with elevated body surf ...   more

Laboratory Refrigerators for the safe storage at cold Temperatures between +4°C and+15°C
For the safe storage of samples, specimens, cultures and laboratory preparations at +4°C and +15°C

Compliant to: DIN 13221, MDR (EU) 2017/745 Class I, GMP - Clean room classification ISO 6 / EC GMP B ✓ Lifetime warranty corrosion-free cabinet, H ...   more

COVID-19 Automatic Integrated Gene detection System
No PCR laboratory, close system with no contamination,Portable

A fully integrated gene extraction and analysis system,preassembled kits, microfluidic technology ✓ Includes 4 individual detection units, each un ...   more

Your test result SAFE with our pyrogen detection reagents
Reliable Accuracy, High Specificity, Easily Handling

Reliable Accuracy ✓ High Specificity ✓ Easily Handling ✓   more

LAB Worldwide – The specialist medium for professionals in chemical, analytical and biotechnological laboratories
Your Knowledge and Communication Partner for Laboratory and Analytics

Cross-media: LABORPRAXIS is available as print medium, e-paper, online portal and newsletter. ✓ National and international: LABORPRAXIS and LAB Wo ...   more

Human Bio-Materials for validation of test systems and identification of new biomarkers
Clinically defined samples of various matrices immediately available for your assay development

Clinically defined samples with comprehensive documentation for your IVD projects ✓ Long-term and project-related cooperation with individual cons ...   more

Askion offers complete service portfolio surrounding your device development plans
Your partner for electronical, optical and mechatronic systems. From inception to serial production.

Efficient Development: Meet your goals for budget, time and quality ✓ System engineering, electronics, software, optics and more - your one stop s ...   more

A High-Performance Compact Mass Spectrometer for the Rapid Determination of Molecular Components in Solids, Liquids and Gases
Advion's expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) Offers the Industries Widest Range of Prep-Free Sample Techniques

Fast MS-measurements can be done now in the own laboratory. This saves a lot of time and results in considerably increased efficiency   more

An entire chromatographic system in a small footprint
With 360um fittings optimzed for lowest flow rates and small sample sizes

Pumps available in gradient or isocratic configuration, and internal or external sample injection ✓ Small footprint saves valuable countertop spac ...   more

Detectors for gas chromatography
VICI offers PDD/HID for various GCs and thermal conductivity detectors (TCD)

The pulsed discharge detector (HID) is an ultra-sensitive universal detector ✓ Available as Plug&Play version for the Agilent 6890, 7890, and 8890 ...   more

MiniLab Series On-site Oil Analyzer
Comprehensive Oil Analysis for Industrial Machinery

One solution delivering lab-quality analysis outside the lab, at the asset site ✓ Intuitive workflow for the non-expert user, no chemist required ...   more

Fast effortless quality Raman & SERS spectra across a wide range of applications
Versatile multi-mode sample handling Raman Spectroscopy with unrivalled quality and speed

Analysis of small volumes in real time, with higher intensity signals in turbid liquids ✓ Small-volume drop minimises the pathlength, reducing abs ...   more

The world’s smallest integrated Cell Incubator, custom engineered for Lab Automation
The SCILA delivers class leading performance and accuracy whilst minimizing on-deck space

Smallest multi-position gas incubator with 4 plate capacity ✓ Providing class leading performance, accuracy and temperature uniformity ✓ Tool free ...   more

A Comprehensive Toolkit for SARS-CoV-2 Research
World's Largest Collection of Antibodies and Antigens for SARS-CoV-2

A Comprehensive Collection of Antigens and Antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 ✓ SARS-CoV-2 Specific and Neutralizing Antibodies ✓ A Complete Toolkit for SA ...   more

Innovating to Unlock Critical Insights That Make an Impact
Enabling customers to better protect our environment, food supply and health of our families

Passionate about helping customers work to create healthier families ✓ Improving the quality of life ✓ Sustain the well-being and longevity of peo ...   more

Stainless steel racks for all refrigerators and freezers and the world's largest range of cryo boxes
Cryo boxes and cryo tubes in many sizes and colors for orderly sample storage in laboratories

Finally, 100 instead of 81 cryo tubes with an external thread fit into a 133x133 mm standard box! ✓ You will always find the right cryobox with di ...   more

Protection for operator, environment and sample when handling hazardous microorganisms
First class protection for Covid-19 experiments with MN Series Microbiological Safety Cabinets

First class protection for operator, environment and product ✓ Comfort of usage with very quiet blower and high light intensity ✓ EN 12469 Certifi ...   more

CESI 8000 Plus ESI-MS-High-Performance System
See What You've Been Missing with CE-MS

Green technology which reduces solvent consumption by over a 100 times compared to HPLC ✓ Separation of polar analytes and isobaric metabolites no ...   more

Data Solution for GC/HPLC and MS Systems
Flexibility in connecting instruments and variety of application options

Hundreds of control modules ✓ OEM and instrument control development ✓ Try before buy - a free demo version   more

Gas tight valves from the company that invented them
Two position & multi-position gas chromatography valves

Zero dead volume connections eliminate peak tailing and band broadening ✓ Alloys & polymer composites available to meet virtually any compatibilit ...   more

Premium quality U/HPLC columns with unique phases that separate what others cannot.
A wide range of phases and dimensions including our Method Development Kits

Unique complementary phases to aid method development ✓ Columns for small molecules, HILIC and large molecule analyses ✓ Free Application and tech ...   more

Continuous & on-line monitoring of toxics and nuisances, odours detection and characterization
IoT Solution - Outdoor environment: odors, gases, toxic substances, particles, dust, sounds.

Accurate and always up-to-date understanding of outdoor air quality ✓ Odor source identification and real time alerting ✓ Odor intensity nuisance ...   more

ISO 17025 and GMP compliant quality management with integrated administration of qualifications
Representation of the requirements of the DAkkS and FDA for quality management

Paperless QM - Complete digitalization of the QM system for easy certification ✓ Managing the qualifications and skills of employees and identifyi ...   more

Accurate and constant cooling performance even in the harsh laboratory conditions
Best by design, performance and reliability

Rapid and powerful cooling ✓ Quite operations ✓ High energy efficiency   more

Preparative HPLC system for the batch purification of RNA
For RNA-based vaccines

Purification at elevated temperatures ✓ Automated fractionation ✓ Ternary gradient HPLC system   more

Handheld Cell Counter & Spectrometer
Extinction Measurements, Calibration Curves, Cell Counts and label-free Cell Viability in under 60s!

Measure viability without staining: cytotoxic effects and measurement errors are eliminated ✓ Large "field-of-view" (5.3 mm²) and automated measur ...   more

Spectrometry & Oxygen Sensing
Our optical components guide, reflect, select and alter light for Life Sciences

High-reflective, dielectric and metallic mirrors for Spectrometry ✓Fluorescence Filter Sets for highly-sensitive Detection of Fluorophores ✓ Custo ...   more

Simplicity in Cell Culture Monitoring
More time to focus on your R&D project or other aspects of your production process

Enables targeted testing with 9 key parameters ✓ Allows to improve workflow through eliminating sample-to-sample delay ✓ Simplifies quality contro ...   more

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The hidden culprit killing lithium-metal batteries from the inside

16-Jul-2021 - For decades, scientists have tried to make reliable lithium-metal batteries. These high-performance storage cells hold 50% more energy than their ...   more

Electrons in quantum liquid gain energy from laser pulses

14-Jul-2021 - The absorption of energy from laser light by free electrons in a liquid has been demonstrated for the first time. Until now, this process was obse ...   more

Human environmental genome recovered in the absence of skeletal remains

14-Jul-2021 - Ancient sediments from caves have already proven to preserve DNA for thousands of years. The amount of recovered sequences from environmental sedi ...   more

Large genomic analysis highlights COVID-19 risk factors

13-Jul-2021 - In March of 2020, thousands of scientists around the world united to answer a pressing and complex question: what genetic factors influence why so ...   more

OLS OMNI Life Science and Namocell sign distribution agreement

13-Jul-2021 - OLS OMNI Life Science announced a distribution agreement with Namocell Inc., a provider of high-performance single cell sorting and dispensing pla ...   more

MaxDIA – taking proteomics to the next level

12-Jul-2021 - Proteomics produces enormous amounts of data, which can be very complex to analyze and interpret. The free software platform MaxQuant has proven t ...   more

New test to make gene therapy safer

09-Jul-2021 - When the causes of serious diseases are based on a defective gene, medicine relies on gene therapy. In this strategy, defect-free genes are introd ...   more

How ethane-consuming archaea pick up their favorite dish

09-Jul-2021 - Hot vents in the deep sea are home to microbes that feed on ethane. They were discovered recently from scientists of the Max Planck Institute for ...   more

Team tracks real-time molecular motions

09-Jul-2021 - The efficiency of solar cells can be significantly increased with a certain physical effect. A research team has now observed in detail for the fi ...   more

The bitumen puzzle

07-Jul-2021 - Although the history of bitumen dates back to the third millennium BC, only little is known about its surface structure. Researchers from TU Wien ...   more

The beginning of a new era in resolution

06-Jul-2021 - Scientists at Cornell University (USA) have succeeded in building an electron microscope pixel array detector (EMPAD) with sophisticated 3D recons ...   more

High-resolution microscope built from LEGO and bits of phone

06-Jul-2021 - Microscopy is an essential tool in many fields of science and medicine. However, many groups have limited access to this technology due to its cos ...   more

Decoding electron dynamics

05-Jul-2021 - Electron motion in atoms and molecules is of fundamental importance to many physical, biological, and chemical processes. Exploring electron dynam ...   more

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Theory and practice of conductivity measurement
Calibration, checking and setting the cell constant, conductivity measurement, analytical quality assurance

The handy A5 brochure offers a theoretical introduction into conductivity measurement and a multitude of practical tips.   more

Which ICP-OES Optical Technology Offers Superior Performance: Echelle or ORCA?

This paper explains the fundamental differences between the two leading optical designs and discusses how each technology deals with technical cha ...   more

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Application Scientist XRD/XRF




Chemist (m/f/d) as Research Scientist


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