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analytica-world.com is the industry portal of the international trade fair analytica, which is organized by Messe München.
analytica-world.com is the industry portal of the international trade fair analytica, which is organized by Messe München.
analytica-world news No. 9

Dear Sir or Madam,

welcome to the analytica-world news. In this issue of the newsletter we present you how to convert a cellphone into a powerful chemical detector and how a detection innovation could enhance drug development and cancer research. Additionally, we provide you with product innovations, current business and research news.


Susanne Grödl,
Exhibition Director analytica

 Susanne Grödl
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Laboratory Nutsche Filter Dryer for solid-liquid separation and scale-up development
Modular, all-in-one unit that supersedes traditional Büchner filtration and oven drying methods

Efficient - Up to 100% product recovery thanks to a unique filtration basket design ✓ Predictable - Programmable recipe sequences for consistent b ...   more

FT-IR spectrometer of the future: INVENIO
Freely upgradeable and configurable FT-IR spectrometer

FTIR analysis is an integral part of modern analytics and research. As established and well-proven technology, it provides valuable impulses for i ...   more

Orbitrap Exploris GC-MS simplifies operations and offers new opportunities for analytical testing
Keep pace with changing demands, maximize system uptime, and expand laboratory capability.

Proven robustness and reliability across all applications ✓ Simplified analytical workflows for screening and quantitation ✓ Exceptional levels of ...   more

Innovative detector solutions for
mass spectrometry

Unique devices for the next generation of mass spectral analysis

A diverse line-up of detectors ✓ Custom devices available ✓ Superior detection capabilities ✓   more

Perform like a PRO in elemental analysis and experience simplicity, robustness and speed in ICP-OES
Fast, powerful performance combined with easy-to-use technology and software

The Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ PRO Series ICP-OES combines powerful multi-element capability with flexibility so your lab is ready for any challenge.   more

The Only Direct and Accelerated Stability Analysis
Stability & storage stability of emulsions & suspensions in original concentration quickly & reliably

Test formulations under original storage & usage temperatures, regardless of whether they are sold in cold, temperate or hot climates   more

Flexible and Modular: The Complete FPLC Solution for All Types of Protein Purification
The Powerful, Flexible FPLC System for Purification Processes the Way You Want Them

KNAUER’s modular AZURA FPLC systems are ideal for purifying large biomolecules such as proteins, nucleotides and peptides   more

Automated Isolation & Purification of DNA or RNA
InnuPure C16 touch – The New Standard in Automated Extraction

The InnuPure C16 is a flexible and efficient extraction system for fully automated isolation and purification of nucleic acids   more

The Perfect Solution for Every TOC-Analysis: multi N/C
TC, TOC, TIC, NPOC, NPOC plus, POC, and TNb – All Methods with One Click

Working with multi N/C analyzers guarantees compliance with valid standards, such as: ISO, EN, DIN, EPA, ASTM, USP, FDA and pharmacopoeias   more

multi X 2500 – This Versatile System Opens up New Dimensions in AOX Analysis
Very Easy Determination of Adsorbable Organic Halogen Compounds

Vertical or horizontal? Are you tired of that question? Do both with one instrument   more

More than just a pH meter: A convenient outdoor instrument and stable benchtop unit in one
Measure pH value, conductivity and temperature as flexibly and easily as never before

pH meter for outdoors and for processes ✓ IP67 ✓ Sensor quality display ✓ GLP-compliant reporting   more

PerkinElmer SARS-COv-2 Serological Test Platforms
Wide variety of serological assays to match different needs

Supports rapid decisions ✓ Support population screening to monitoring the Covid-19 spread ✓ Flexible solution to meet different throughput require ...   more

Microplastics and Emerging Contaminants
Solutions for water, air and soil testing critical analysis of toxins, pollutants and microplastics

Microplastic analysis solutions and a network of researchers ✓ The comprehensive knowledge of water analysis ✓ End-to-end solutions for controlled ...   more

Your All-round Provider for Innovative In-vitro Diagnostics
One Source – More Value

Access to All Technologies & Extensive Know-how ✓ Reliability, Security, & Highest Quality Standards ✓ Cost Advantages, Speed, Flexibility & Glob ...   more

Look to your laboratory’s future with AXIO Proficiency Testing from LGC
A PT solution that is designed around laboratories' needs and evolves to meet them

2,100+ annual proficiency tests ✓ 13,000+ laboratories served worldwide ✓ 160+ countries worldwide   more

HPLC/GC vials closures better for your chromatography solution
Perfect compatible with your autosampler, save your cost, improve test quality.

Stable and reliable quality and service ✓ Self-produce to help distributor win more benefits ✓ R&D ability to new products and 7*24 hour QC solution   more

Validation of your sterilization and freeze-drying processes with the CFR data logger system.
CFR data loggers for temperature and pressure control in process validation and qualification.

Robust: Reliable operation from -50 ° C to +140 ° C during more than 1,500 operating hours ✓ Safe: Battery replacement that is tool-free, safe and ...   more

Weigh Smallest Amount of Samples Directly in Heavy Containers. Increase Throughput and Improve Your ROI.
Bridging the gap between analytical and micro-analytical weighing

Maximum Load - Minimum Resolution: weigh smallest samples in heavier containers ✓ Faster ROI thanks to lower minimum weight - reduced usage of rar ...   more

Spectrophotometer UV7 - First class optical performance
Meet the latest EUP-G32USP standards including smart certification

Superior optical performance in accordance with the strict requirements of pharmacopoeias ✓ Reliable, traceable results that conform to FDA 21 CFR ...   more

Flexible nitrogen blowdown evaporator for diverse samples
Concentrate a variety of samples without the need for special evaporation tubes or sample racks

Optimize evaporation with individualized control over gas flow to each sample ✓ Gently concentrate delicate samples without degradation ✓ Samples ...   more

25+ years supporting the global pharmaceutical industry with high-quality reference standards
We go beyond the standard, helping you create ever better, safer medicines

5,000+ Mikromol API, impurity & excipient reference standards for pharmaceutical quality control ✓ Comprehensive Certificate of Analysis with each ...   more

Automatic Steam Distillation for Kjeldahl Analysis
Easy, Fast and Safe Sample Preparation by Steam Distillation

With VAPODEST you distill your samples for the determination of nitrogen, cyanide, SO2, ammonia, phenol, sorbic acid or alcohol safely and quickly   more

UV VIS DAD sends scan or 4 wavelengths signal measured in external cell connected by optical cables
Used in flash or prep HPLC where scan or more wavelengths signal allow to verify sample purity

On-line scan of whole spectrum with speed up to 20 Hz allows to create 3D graph ✓ Communication using LAN, RS232 or USB and also four analog outpu ...   more

Multi-functional Autosampler and Sample Preparation Robot for modern GC/MS and LC/MS Laboratories
Modular Technology, intuitive operation: Automate your manual sample preparation by mouse-click

Efficient, modular & flexible: The MPS easily meets the requirements of your lab for a perfect match ✓ The MPS runs 24/7, helping to improve the e ...   more

Culture Media for Microbiology
Dehydrated culture media for use in food, pharma, cosmetics, veterinary and diagnostic applications

Customized formulations with excellent quality, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified ✓ R&D support including molecular biology/PCR expertise ✓ Reliabl ...   more

The new Memmert waterbath for your laboratory - trust the best!
Ideal for the temperature control of ointments, emulsions, samples, plates and nutrient solutions

Intuitively operated 3.5 inch touch screen with remote screen CustomView. ✓ Practical and robust design: quick water drainage and easy to clean. ✓ ...   more

STARe Software - The standard in thermal analysis
Intuitive operation, precise results and traceable workflows

Data integrity with authorized user access for compliance throughout the data lifecycle ✓ Traceability of all work processes and data according to ...   more

Individual Solutions for IVD-Devices, Interoperability Standards and Medical Image Analysis
Research and development services from feasibility studies, prototype design to system development

One-stop-shop for the development of system control boards for IVD applications using modular electronics ✓ System integration & interoperability ...   more

Power the Bench
LabX Software supports your Workflows

Efficient Workflows: Simplify your daily routines both in the lab and in the office ✓ One System: Having one common software for all instruments b ...   more

G.RAU is specialized in the manufacturing of high precision metal components
Manufactured with oustanding tolerances regarding dimensions, mechanical and surface properties

manufactured with oustanding tolerances regarding dimensions, mechanical and surface properties ✓with special requirements for surface and toleran ...   more

Multi-use Membrane Culture Flasks for Antibody and Protein Production
Increased Yield. Lower Costs.

Ready-to-use multi-harvest device ✓ High cell density and high product concentration: for adherent and suspensions cells ✓ Cost-efficient, space s ...   more

High-purity components for sample preparation for chemical and biochemical analysis
Optimized for food control according to § 64 LFBG and compliant with many EU and DIN regulations

The purity of the filter media for the food & beverage sector permit the direct contact with food. The specially developed papers enable highly se ...   more

The most efficient shredding/autoclaving system for processing your biohazardous waste on site
Performs all steps in a sealed unit, ensuring complete safety for operators and the environment.

Versatile accessories suitable for your application ✓ Can be installed wherever required, as close as possible to the waste generation site ✓ Resp ...   more

Get pipetting results you can trust
With a powerful pipette tracking, calibration and risk management system

Always the right pipette with a GPP recommendation ✓ Instant check of pipettes of all brands ✓ Ensuring data integrity   more

Unmatched pH Performance
Excel in the Lab with SevenExcellence

OneClick methods: Start your own sequence of analyses steps with a single click ✓ Multiple parameters: Parallel measurement of up to 3 parameters ...   more

Dual Centrifugation
Homogenizing, mixing and milling – fast and efficient

Conventional milling and nano-milling (e.g. of insoluble active substances) ✓ QuEChERS-Analysis saves 50-70% of time ✓ Fast mixing (e.g. of viscou ...   more

Oven Autosampler for Karl Fischer Titrators
Put Your Lab InMotion

One Click™ Water Analysis: One Click user interface for direct access to routine tasks ✓ Save Precious Time: Temperature Scan determines the optim ...   more

The LC-4000 Series is the latest in a long history of innovative HPLC/SFC systems developed by JASCO
The concept is to provide separation platforms for Conventional LC, Fast LC, U-HPLC and SFC/SFE

HPLC/SFC pumps employ an exclusive solvent delivery system SSQD (Slow Suction -Quick Delivery) ✓ HPLC/SFC detectors with unrivalled performance, l ...   more

Test microbiological safety in food industry
Finished product quality control: detect microbial presence in samples from sterilised products

Fast and reliable method ✓ Reduced inventory and warehouse leadtimes ✓ Complete solution including robotic autosampling   more

Superior elemental and trace elemental analysis starts with trusted solutions
Our innovations ensure greater productivity and return on investment to your elemental analysis

Industry-leading technology. We offer state-of-the-art technologies to simplify your daily work Trusted expertise. Our knowledgeable team underst ...   more


Re-condition up to 36 sorbent tubes at once! ✓ Gas saving function ✓ Auto safety shut-down   more

Developed for reprocessing laboratory apparatus for analytical experiments: System4Lab
Miele system consisting of washing & disinfection, process chemicals, process documentation, service

Superior cleaning results combined with optimum protection of lab glassware ✓ Greater efficiency and economy through higher capacity and special-p ...   more

automatic measuring system for analysis of specific surface area with the BET method
Successfuliy used for many materials (catalysts, chemicals, pharma, ink, carbon, rare earths, etc.)

Automatic continuous measurement of max. 30 samples, for instance overnight ✓ Especially for quality control with high repeatability within +/- 0, ...   more

A New Portable pH Meter as You Never Saw on the Market
Water, Food, Agriculture and Many More Analysis Are Suitable for This pHmeter with Its Proper Probe

Everywhere: wide innovative display automatically adapt to light condition thanks to the inbuilt sensor ✓ DHS: both digital and analogical sensor ...   more

Benchtop XRD Analyzer
For fast, reliable quantitative mineralogy of major and minor components

Increased Speed ✓ Sample Prep Made Easy ✓ Sensitivity Power Swift Decisions   more

Innovative methane detector system for easy survey of gas pipelines
Innovation makes the difference

High sensitivity, quick response and short recovery time thanks to IR technology from 0ppm to 100vol% ✓ Zero cross sensitivity against water or ca ...   more

The World’s First Quartz Vials for Autosampler
Absolutely New Products in the market

SiO2 99.99% No-impurities No Thermal shock breakage Suitable for SHIMADZU, Agilent and Waters models   more

The New SYNC: A Combination of Laser Diffraction and Image Analysis Optimizes Particle Characterization
Synchronous determination of particle size and particle shape

Wide measurement range from 0.01 µm to 4 mm thanks to tri-laser technology ✓ High sensitivity and reliable detection of oversized grains ✓ Image a ...   more

Certified Reference Standards
Phramaceutical- / Geological- / Environmental- / Food- / Metall- / Reference Materials

Certified or accredited to ISO Guide 17034 and ISO 17025 ✓ Huge portfolio of Matrix-Reference-Standards ✓ Custom made reference standards - organi ...   more

Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen Analyzer for Metals, Alloys and Ceramics with Electrode Furnace
Fast, precise and reliable ONH analysis via inert gas fusion

Comfortable ONH analysis of pins, drillings, granulates and powders (up to 2000 mg) without capsules ✓ Integration in automation analysis possible ...   more

The Life Science Micro-Volume Master
UV5Nano Spectrophotometer

The UV5Nano is the micro-volume spectrophotometry specialist for life science applications   more

A Versatile Micro Diaphragm Pump
The compact & high-performance NMP 850 HP opens up a multitude of possible analytical applications

Long product life, high pneumatic performance, compact size ✓ Flow rate: max. 16 l/min Ultimate vacuum: 200 mbar abs. Operating pressure: 2.5 ba ...   more

Do you need to generate your own GC calibration gas standards?
The new Dynacalibrator 150 from VICI is your solution!

The Dynacalibrator 150 is a compact calibrator capable of delivering the precise concentrations you require   more

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Cellphone converts into powerful chemical detector

07-May-2021 - Scientists from Texas A&M have developed an extension to an ordinary cellphone that turns it into an instrument capable of detecting chemicals, dr ...   more

Chemical 'nose' sniffs critical differences in DNA structures

05-May-2021 - Small changes in the structure of DNA have been implicated in breast cancer and other diseases, but they've been extremely difficult to detect -- ...   more

Eppendorf achieves record revenue and best result in the company’s history in 2020

06-May-2021 - In fiscal year 2020, Eppendorf AG succeeded in posting record revenue of €967 million (prior year: €804 million) – a significant year-on-year incr ...   more

New dimension for efficient laboratory work

06-May-2021 - With the successful completion of a second closing, Labforward adds >€3m to the Series B from January, bringing the total funds raised to >€8.5m. ...   more

Researchers analyzed circulating currents inside gold nanoparticles

04-May-2021 - Researchers in the Nanoscience Center of University of Jyvaskyla, in Finland and in the Guadalajara University in Mexico developed a method that a ...   more

Researchers investigate structural changes in snap-frozen proteins

03-May-2021 - Researchers at the University of Bonn and the research center caesar have succeeded in ultra-fast freezing proteins after a precisely defined peri ...   more

A new era of genome sequencing

30-Apr-2021 - The international Vertebrate Genomes Project (VGP) publishes their flagship study focused on genome assembly quality and standardization for the f ...   more

How acidic are atoms?

30-Apr-2021 - The acidity of molecules can be easily determined, but until now it was not possible to measure this important property for atoms on a surface. Wi ...   more

The First Comprehensive Single-Cell Atlas of Human Teeth

29-Apr-2021 - Researchers at the University Zurich have mapped the first complete atlas of single cells that make up the human teeth. Their research shows that ...   more

CRISPR discovery paves the way for novel COVID testing method

29-Apr-2021 - Am I infected with SARS-CoV-2? Is it one of the dangerous variants? Being able to answer these and more questions with a single efficient diagnost ...   more

A new way of rapidly counting and identifying viruses

28-Apr-2021 - Based on analysing chemical elements the methodology, which has been adapted from an analytical technique used to identify metallic nanoparticles, ...   more

Many researchers are familiar with the problem: Before there are any new findings, there is an unknown measuring device

28-Apr-2021 - In order to control it, different libraries, protocols and command sets need to be followed. If you ever have to combine several devices from diff ...   more

The body as a network

27-Apr-2021 - Networks offer a powerful way to visualize and analyze complex systems. However, depending on the size and complexity of the network, many visuali ...   more

Uniquely sharp X-ray view

26-Apr-2021 - Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have succeeded for the first time in looking inside materials using the method of transient grating ...   more

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Titration Handbook – Theory and Practice of Titration
A guide to basics, methods and applications of titration

The titration handbook presents basics, methods and applications of titration containing a blend of application information and lab know how   more

Which ICP-OES Optical Technology Offers Superior Performance: Echelle or ORCA?

This paper explains the fundamental differences between the two leading optical designs and discusses how each technology deals with technical cha ...   more

Comparing ICP-OES Analyzers' Plasma Views: Axial, Radial, Dual, MultiView, and New Dual Side-On Interface

This paper reviews the concepts surrounding the optical interfaces that are available for ICP-OES spectrometers and discusses the relative strengths   more

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Chemist (PhD in Polymer/Organic Chemistry) as Laboratory Manager Renewable Functional Filler (RFF) Synthesis (m/f/d)


Research & Application Engineer for Special Fluides (m/f/d)


Laboratory Manager (m/f/d)


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