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analytica-world.com is the industry portal of the international trade fair analytica, which is organized by Messe München.

EDGE - Energized Dispersive Guided Extraction

analytica-world.com is the industry portal of the international trade fair analytica, which is organized by Messe München.
analytica-world news No. 20

Dear Sir or Madam,

Welcome to the analytica-world news. In this issue of the newsletter you can learn how the structure of a bacterial enzyme was deciphered with an X-ray laser and why sound is sometimes more suitable than light for microscopy. Additionally, we provide you with product innovations, current business and research news.


Susanne Grödl,
Exhibition Director analytica

 Susanne Grödl
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Polymer Analysis in Half the Time and with 85% Less Solvent
Highly Reproducible Results for Your GPC/SEC Synthetic and Natural Polymer Analyses

Tosoh's EcoSEC GPC systems for room or high temperature polymer analysis operate 50% faster than many other GPC systems.   more

Try Our HPLC Columns Free of Charge for 30 Days
Test Shodex Analytical HPLC Columns in Your Own Laboratory

Shodex gives you the opportunity to test for free one or more of our analytical HPLC demo columns. The test period is 30 days   more

A Safe Reliable Alternative to Cylinders for Your GC-FID
The FID Gas Station Provides All Your GC-FID Gases from One Unique Space Saving Generator

This unique instruments combines the reliability of the VICI DBS Hydrogen Generator and Zero Air Generator into one compact and convenient package   more

A Safe Reliable Alternative to N2 Cylinder and Dewars for Your LC/MS
The Mistral EVO Range of Generators Provide a Reliable Source of Nitrogen at the Touch of a Button

On demand nitrogen 24/7 at the touch of a button   more

Do you need to generate your own GC calibration gas standards?
The new Dynacalibrator 150 from VICI is your solution!

The Dynacalibrator 150 is a compact calibrator capable of delivering the precise concentrations you require.   more

Create Your Own Calibration Gas Standards
Permeation Devices vs. Bottled Trace Level Standards

At a constant temperature, the device emits the compound through its permeable portion at a constant rate   more

Toxic Compounds in Your Lab Air?
VICI Exhaust Filter Now with Breakthrough Detector

When filling a waste bottle or waste canister, volatile organic compounds are forced out of the vessel   more

Separation and Characterization of Complex Charged Particles with Electrical Flow FFF
The Latest Innovation for Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation

The EAF4 technology combines the principle of electric and asymmetric flux FFF to characterize complex charged molecules.   more

Long-Life Stationary Phases for UHPLC to Industrial-Scale HPLC
Designed for Harsh Conditions

Kromasil EternityXT HPLC stationary phases for separations and purifications until pH 12 with particles sizes from 1.8 to 10 µm   more

New Generation SEC Columns for Small-Scale Preparative Purification and Analysis of Proteins
Maximized Resolution and Optimized Run Time for Small-Scale Preparative Purification and Analysis

Four choices of new generation SEC resins for small-scale preparative purification and analysis   more

ÄKTA pure – Flexible and Intuitive Protein Purification System
The Design Allows You to Customize and Easily Upgrade Your System to Meet Your Research Applications

ÄKTA pure chromatography system allows for easy customization thanks to the design of hardware and software. Choose from more than 20 hardware options   more

Protein Purification Handbooks
In-depth theory and practical tips to help make your experiments a success

The development of generic purification strategies has revolutionized protein purification by offering speed and simplicity at all scales   more

The Accurate Data You Need, The Speed and Ease You Want
GC and LC columns, reference standards, sample prep materials and accessories

From sample prep to columns, reference standards to accessories, Restek is your first and best choice for chromatography   more

Field-Flow Fractionation: A Powerful Technology for the Separation and Advanced Characterization
– of Proteins, Antibodies, Viruses, Polymers and Nano-/Microparticles

Thanks to its variability, reliability and compatibility, it is fair to state that the future of FFF looks bright   more

Tritec-Chromatographic Refrigerators for ÄKta Systems (HPLC Systems)

With the microprocessor-controlled temperature controller, you have a 100% accurate overview and can adjust and check every setting on the comfortable   more

Silica-free chromatography-column - or: What is CPC?
Liquid-liquid purification: Highest purity, also from crude mixt ures

The main aim of this technology is to isolate the maximum amount of a specific molecule at the highest purity, in a minimum of time   more

A World of Flexibility: BIOS ANALYTIQUE Rental Solutions
European Partner of Agilent Technologies

Get the instrument you need without waiting for an investment budget! From 1 to 60 months, from one module to a complete system, whether to react on   more

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Products Top

Eppendorf Reference 2 Pipette Provides Optimum Accuracy and Reliability
For Valuable Testing Work

Eppendorf has introduced the Reference 2 pipette to its range of liquid handling instruments. The Reference 2 is the successor to the highly succe ...   more

Put an end to imprecise dispensing of detergents, ethanol, glycerol and Co.!
The Eppendorf Multipette® M4 – More than just serial pipetting!

Eppendorf’s Multipette M4 is the latest addition to the company’s hand-held serial pipetting range, designed to minimise the time and effort requi ...   more

Minimal Method Development – Maximal GC Uptime
Reliably quantify multiple contaminants in matrix sample, saving you time and money

Greater efficiency for your lab with the Xevo TQ-GC Electron Impact Ionization Tandem Quadrupole Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer from Waters   more

Opening, filling, capping, labelling tubes & vials – automate annoying lab tasks
The X-TubeProcessor simplifies your daily laboratory work

The flexible, modular X-TubeProcessor© system automates tube handling. The X-Capper base unit opens and closes tubes of various sizes and shapes, ...   more

Award-Winning Quality: Delivery and Dispensing Pumps with Intelligent Control from Hirschmann
Pumps and pump heads designed for your laboratory and industrial applications

The rotarus pump family from Hirschmann encompasses continuous dispensing pumps and delivery pumps for a variety of applications in lab and industry   more

Easily Determine the N Content of Solid and Liquid Samples in Just 3 Minutes Using the Dumas Method
Precise, Cost-Effective DUMATHERM Technology – a Success Story from C. Gerhardt

Available with a unique manual sample loader or an autosampler for up to 120 samples DUMATHERM performs according to international standards and r ...   more

Where Are Your Limits? With Berghof High-Pressure Reactors More Flexibility in Synthesis

The modular design and flexible configuration options of Berghof highpreactor are a convincing response to the requirements of modern synthesis la ...   more

Customised Microwave Systems for Sample Preparation
The All-Rounder for Demanding Digestions

The microwave digestion unit Speedwave Xpert is specially tailored to the needs of modern laboratories in which the highest degree of productivity ...   more

Nitric Oxide Measurement from ppt- up to Percent-Level
nCLD: New Device Generation with Outstanding Features

With newly developed, powerful electronics and a new handling concept your measurement task is in our capable hands   more

Multifunctional, industrial-grade Mill
Reproducible Comminution and Homogenisation Within Seconds

Ideal for sample preparation of moist, oily and fatty as well as of dry, soft, medium-hard and fibrous samples for an exact analysis.   more

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News Top

First experiments at Europe's new X-ray laser reveal unknown structure of antibiotics killer

05-Oct-2018 - An international collaboration led by DESY and consisting of over 120 researchers has announced the results of the first scientific experiments at ...   more

Genetic variants reveal new targets for chronic kidney disease treatment

04-Oct-2018 - The kidney does more than double or even triple duty compared to other organs - it extracts waste, balances body fluids, forms urine, regulates bl ...   more

Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine 2018 Announced

01-Oct-2018 - The researchers James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo were announced today as this year's winners of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. Their ...   more

Principles of limb regeneration in salamanders show link to mammals

01-Oct-2018 - Scientists have long argued over which cells enable salamanders to grow back lost limbs. By tracking lineages and characterising individual cells, ...   more

New insights into the structure of a killer protein

01-Oct-2018 - The protein Bax is responsible for programmed cell death. Because it is constantly changing its location, its structure has so far been difficult ...   more

Better Imaging Using Sound

28-Sep-2018 - Individual molecules cannot be photographed – if you wish to visualise objects that are smaller than the wavelength of light, you'll need a few sp ...   more

A smartphone system to test for lead in water

28-Sep-2018 - The discovery of lead in Flint, Michigan's drinking water drew renewed attention to the health risks posed by the metal. Now researchers at the Un ...   more

Diversity in the brain

27-Sep-2018 - How is it possible that so many different and highly specific neurons arise in the brain? A mathematic model developed by researchers from the Uni ...   more

Multimodal imaging shows strain can drive chemistry in a photovoltaic material

27-Sep-2018 - A unique combination of imaging tools and atomic-level simulations has allowed a team led by the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laborat ...   more

Genome Duplication Drives Evolution of Species

26-Sep-2018 - Polyploid plants have a duplicate set of chromosomes. As a result, large-scale genetic changes are therefore possible in the new species, making i ...   more

Resistance to the anti-cancer medication cetuximab

26-Sep-2018 - Okayama University researchers report that the anti-cancer drug cetuximab is released with vesicles from cancer cells, findings that may enable th ...   more

First direct 3D maps of water during cell membrane fusion

25-Sep-2018 - New 3D maps of water distribution during cellular membrane fusion are accelerating scientific understanding of cell development, which could lead ...   more

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The Right Vacuum – Efficient, Easy and Reproducible
VACUU·SELECT - the new vacuum controller and pumping units from VACUUBRAND at a glance

The new vacuum controller and pumping units from VACUUBRAND impress with a smart operating concept and new functions   more

Widest Variety of Filter Paper Products for Laboratory and Process

The extensive Filter Paper Catalogue presents 105 different varieties, the largest selection of filter papers, glass fiber filters, extraction thi ...   more

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Selecting your ICP-OES analyzer’s plasma interface: axial-view, radial-view, dual-view or new MultiView?

This paper reviews the concepts surrounding the optical interfaces that are available for ICP-OES spectrometers and discusses the relative strengths   more

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05-Nov-2018 | Hamburg
Fluidization Technology


06-Nov-2018 | Ashland
Rheology Bootcamp - Effective Measurements with an MCR Rheometer with RheoCompass


07-Nov-2018 | Olten
Validation of Analytical Methods II - Practical Examples [QS-9E]


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Clinical Trial Manager (f/m)


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