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analytica-world.com is the industry portal of the international trade fair analytica, which is organized by Messe München.

XPR Analytical Balances: Weighing Solutions without Compromise

analytica-world.com is the industry portal of the international trade fair analytica, which is organized by Messe München.
analytica-world news No. 22

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Welcome to the analytica-world news. In this issue of the newsletter, you can read how geckos inspire the development of light detectors and why you should book your booth at analytica Vietnam now. Additionally, we provide you with product innovations, current business and research news.


Susanne Grödl,
Exhibition Director analytica

 Susanne Grödl
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New Automation Friendly Reservoirs Save Reagents and Reduce Plastic Waste
User-Friendly Reagent Reservoirs for Automated Pipetting and Multichannel Pipettes

INTEGRA has expanded its Clear Advantage™ product family to include automation friendly reagent reservoirs designed to save reagents and reduce waste   more

Freeing you from tedious multichannel pipetting tasks
ASSIST PLUS – hands-free multichannel pipetting

INTEGRA has launched the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot to put automated pipetting within reach of virtually every lab. This compact system offers la ...   more

Are You Using the Right Micropipette?
A simple guide to choosing the right micropipette for your application

INTEGRA Biosciences is helping researchers to improve pipetting efficiency and ensure reliable results with a recently published guide to choosing the   more

New 25 ml Divided Reservoir Offers Lowest Dead Volume on the Market
Save on Precious Samples and Expensive Reagents!

INTEGRA has expanded its Clear Advantage™ product family to include a divided reservoir, offering 5 and 10 ml volumes side-by-side   more

New: 100 % Metal-Free Dispenser for Reactive Materials
Prevents curing and crystallization by avoiding exposure to metal in product-contacting area

Suitable for anaerobic adhesives, H2SO4, acetic acid, bases, sulfur and chlorine based electrolytes, NaClO, H2O2, ionic liquids and more   more

Comfortable and Efficient Pipetting
Try our lightweight and ergonomic Sapphire Pipettes

Sapphire Pipettes by Greiner Bio-One combine state-of-the-art engineering and design in the ultimate instrument for modern liquid handling   more

Reliable liquid handling solutions for laboratories with medium to high sample throughputs
Flexible Workstations for Lab Automation

The Biomek i-Series Automated Workstations have been designed to optimize walk-away time in mid to high throughput labs   more

Award-Winning Quality: Delivery and Dispensing Pumps with Intelligent Control from Hirschmann
Pumps and pump heads designed for your laboratory and industrial applications

The rotarus pump family from Hirschmann encompasses continuous dispensing pumps and delivery pumps for a variety of applications in lab and industry   more

Titration with an Electronic Burette
Considerably Cheaper Than a Titrator, Better Than a Glass Burette

Hirschmann provides the world's first solar-powered burette for analytical labs that require rapid and precise titration   more

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analytica Highlights Top

Vietnam – an up-and-coming market
analytica Vietnam records exhibitor rush

About half a year before the start of analytica Vietnam, the trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and diagnostics in Ho Chi Minh City is in greater demand than ever before.   more

Products Top

Put an end to imprecise dispensing of detergents, ethanol, glycerol and Co.!
The Eppendorf Multipette® M4 – More than just serial pipetting!

Eppendorf’s Multipette M4 is the latest addition to the company’s hand-held serial pipetting range, designed to minimise the time and effort requi ...   more

Comprehensive Characterization of Dispersions using STEP-Technology
Stability Analysis and Particle Characterization of Emulsions and Suspensions

The analytical instruments made by L.U.M. GmbH apply the STEP-Technology for fast stability analysis of high concentrated emulsions and suspension ...   more

Label-free Analysis of Binding Interactions in High-Throughput
Fast protein quantification, kinetic and screening assays, all microfluidics-free

The biosensor system for high-quality kinetic screening and affinity characterization of molecular interactions - Pall FortéBio’s new Octet RED96e   more

Combine microscopy and chemical analysis: the automated FTIR-Microscope LUMOS
A stand-alone FT-IR microscope with full automation

LUMOS is a fully automated FTIR microscope. Designed to combine best performance for visible inspection and infrared spectral analysis   more

Liquid Handling Systems in Combination with Fully Automated Real-Time PCR
Your Customized Solution – Adapted to Your Requirements in Application, Throughput, and Capacity

With the qTOWER³ auto real-time PCR system, Analytik Jena is using its proven fiber-optic technology for a device that is ideally suited to be int ...   more

Managing New Challenges with Innovative PAL-Tools
Automated sample preparation with SIM GRIPPER and ultrasonic bath

Sample preparation costs time and money. The new PAL-Tools for the PAL3 autosampler platform help you to implement automation even more efficiently.   more

A Safe Reliable Alternative to Cylinders for Your GC-FID
The FID Gas Station Provides All Your GC-FID Gases from One Unique Space Saving Generator

This unique instruments combines the reliability of the VICI DBS Hydrogen Generator and Zero Air Generator into one compact and convenient package   more

Pipetting light as a feather with up to 40% less force!
Transferpette S for long pipetting series

The manual microliter pipette Transferpette S by BRAND protects you from strain such as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)   more

Fast Analysis of Particle Shape and Size of Suspensions and Powders
Reliable Quality Control – Ideal for Research and Laboratory – Fast Alternative to Sieving

Ideal for dry and wet measurement of dry, free-flowing powders, bulk solids, suspensions and emulsions in a measuring range of 20 µm - 20 mm   more

contrAA Series – Atomic Absorption. Redefined.

As a link between standard AAS instruments and ICP-OES spectrometers contrAA combines the best of two worlds   more

SmartExtraction DNA Kits Simplify and Automate Your DNA Extraction
The Globally Unique DNA Mini Kits Impress in Yield and Quality of the Isolated High-Molecular Nucleic Acids

The use of innovatively modified surfaces for the binding of nucleic acids (“Smart Modified Surfaces”) forms the basis of the technology   more

Direct Analyses with GC/MS or LC/MS by Agilent, Shimadzu, LECO and Bruker
Fast results without time-consuming sample preparation

The Direct Inlet Probe system by SIM allows you to do a direct MS analysis without uncoupling the GC/MS or LC/MS interface   more

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News Top

Eurofins scientific acquires two North American companies

02-Nov-2018 - By acquiring EnvironeX Group Inc. in Canada and TestAmerica in the USA Eurofins expands its testing capabilities in the North American market. Env ...   more

Tiny light detectors work like gecko ears

02-Nov-2018 - Geckos and many other animals have heads that are too small to triangulate the location of noises the way we do, with widely spaced ears. Instead, ...   more

Investigation of inorganic pigments with apatite structure

02-Nov-2018 - Compounds with the apatite structure differ from most classes by the variety of their chemical compositions: to create such substances, most chemi ...   more

New technique enables spatial separation of peptide structures

01-Nov-2018 - A team of scientists at DESY and Universität Hamburg has reached another milestone towards the direct imaging of individual biomolecules: the grou ...   more

Novel quantum dots enhance cell imaging

31-Oct-2018 - A team of researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Mayo Clinic have engineered a new type of molecular probe that can m ...   more

3D 'organ on a chip' could accelerate search for new disease treatments

30-Oct-2018 - Researchers have developed a three-dimensional 'organ on a chip' which enables real-time continuous monitoring of cells, and could be used to deve ...   more

Eurofins closes acquisition of cosmetic testing lab in France

30-Oct-2018 - Eurofins Scientific announces that it has successfully closed the acquisition of Laboratoire Dermscan SAS (“Dermscan”), a leading provider of Cosm ...   more

analytica Vietnam records exhibitor rush

29-Oct-2018 - About half a year before the start of analytica Vietnam, the trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and diagnostics in Ho C ...   more

Disproving the universal nature of the mercury test

26-Oct-2018 - The mercury test of catalysts that has been used and considered universal for 100 years, turned out to be ambiguous. This conclusion was made by a ...   more

Anti-aging molecule NAD+ gets a boost from blocking an enzyme

25-Oct-2018 - Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a major player in nutrition today. Studies have shown that NAD+ concentrations decrease during aging a ...   more

Amgen Invests $66 Million In Oxford Nanopore Technologies

24-Oct-2018 - Amgen and Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd. announced Amgen's equity investment of £50 million ($66 million) in Oxford Nanopore, a privately-owned ...   more

Sartorius continues to grow by double digits

24-Oct-2018 - Sartorius continued on the growth track, with double-digit gains in sales revenue and earnings. “In the first nine months of 2018, Sartorius achie ...   more

A new way to measure nearly nothing

23-Oct-2018 - Many semiconductor fabricators and research labs are under increasing pressure from, of all things, vacuum. These facilities need to remove greate ...   more

Unmasking blood doping in athletes

22-Oct-2018 - A Duke University research team has found a way to help sporting officials detect whether an athlete's blood has been doped by an infusion of thei ...   more

Expanding the optogenetics toolkit

22-Oct-2018 - Controlling individual brain cells using light-sensitive proteins has proven to be a powerful tool for probing the brain's complexities. As this b ...   more

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Catalogs Top

The SI Analytics general electrochemical instruments catalogue
pH, ORP, ISE, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity

The full range of SI Analytics portable and lab meters with matching electrodes   more

JULABO Brochures for Professional Temperature Control Applications
Professional Temperature Control for Science, Research and Industry

180 pages of innovative and robust temperature control solutions for working temperatures ranging from -95 °C to +400 °C   more

The Right Vacuum – Efficient, Easy and Reproducible
VACUU·SELECT - the new vacuum controller and pumping units from VACUUBRAND at a glance

The new vacuum controller and pumping units from VACUUBRAND impress with a smart operating concept and new functions   more

Kromasil Guide: Useful Facts and Applications from Analytical to Preparative Chromatography
From UHPLC to Process Chromatography under One Source including NP, RP, SFC and Chiral Applications

The Kromasil Guide offers users useful tips for chromatography, applications and product information from UHPLC to large purification scales   more

KCL-protective gloves – highest protection for your staff members !
Chemical protective gloves and further hand protection products

KCL, Germany’s leading manufacturer in protective gloves, has been contributing to the successful protection of hands for all areas of risk with p ...   more

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White Papers Top

Efficient Analysis of 27 Elements in Petrochemical Products with an ED-XRF spectrometer

Learn how you can perform different petrochemical analyses quickly, accurately and cost-effectively with just one calibration   more

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Events Top

06-Dec-2018 | Heidelberg
From Images to Knowledge with ImageJ & Friends


21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Instruments


21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Instruments


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Job Offers Top

Automation Scientist (m/f/d) in Group Chemical Research


Clinical Trial Manager (f/m)


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