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Unprecedented dynamic-range resolution useful for examining impact of environmental pollutants on cells and tissues

Full-body synchrotron imaging of roundworms reveals nanoparticle accumulation


Scientists working at DESY’s PETRA III light source have been able to generate the first synchrotron-based X-ray map of the whole body of an organism at such a high resolution that contaminants could be detected at the individual cell level. The research team was able to identify cerium ...


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Revealing the path of a metallodrug in a breast cancer cell


Some types of cancer cannot be treated with classical chemotherapy. Scientists from Inserm, CNRS, Sorbonne University, PSL university, University Grenoble Alpes and ESRF, the European Synchrotron, are working on a metallorganic molecule as an antitumor drug. Their research has given thorough ...


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Drinking glasses can contain potentially harmful levels of lead and cadmium


Enamelled drinking glasses and popular merchandise can contain potentially toxic levels of lead and cadmium, a study has shown. Researchers at the University of Plymouth carried out 197 tests on 72 new and second-hand drinking glass products, including tumblers, beer and wine glasses, and ...


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Ferrous chemistry in aqueous solution unravelled


The team demonstrated how a detailed picture of the electronic states can be ascertained by systematically comparing all of the interactive electronic processes in a simple system of aqueous iron(II). If a blindman feels the leg of an elephant, he can conclude something about the animal. And ...


Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for the assessment of lead concentration in animal bone powder


Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry has been shown by scientists in Portugal to be a suitable tool for assessing lead concentration in animal bone, which will help investigate lead metabolism and public health issues. The toxic nature of Pb means that it is important to monitor ...


Partnership in Japan: Analytik Jena Adds X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy to its Product Portfolio


Analytik Jena AG is expanding its product range in Japan, the world’s third-largest market for analytical measurement technology. As part of a sales partnership with Japanese company Techno-X, the Japanese subsidiary of the Jena-based Group will in future offer instruments for X-ray fluorescence ...


PANalytical acquires XRF laboratories from British Geological Survey


PANalytical has acquired the XRF laboratories from the British Geological Survey - BGS (Keyworth, United Kingdom). The acquisition further strengthens PANalytical’s position in delivering full application solutions. The laboratories will continue to deliver highly advanced X-ray fluorescence ...


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