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New method revolutionizes cancer diagnosis

Ground-breaking technology ‘Deep Visual Proteomics’ unites four technologies


How does cancer arise? How does cellular composition influence tumor malignancy? These questions are profound and challenging to answer, but are crucial to understand the disease and find the right cure. Now, a German-Danish team led by Professor Matthias Mann has developed a ground-breaking ...


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analytica 2022: New instruments for personalized medicine

Mass spectrometry and the like as tools of biomarker analytics


From cancer to birth defects to infectious disease: Modern gene and bioanalysis is the key to personalized medicine. Its goal it to increase the success rate of recovery and minimize side effects by examining the illness and the individual characteristics of a patient as precisely as possible. ...


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Scientists identify cancer biomarkers in breast milk

Proteins could one day allow breast cancer screening to be done with a blood test


A simple blood test for women of all ages and risk levels could one day be possible thanks to a new set of protein biomarkers that researchers identified using breast milk. “Although mammograms are a useful tool for catching breast cancer early, they aren’t typically recommended for low-risk ...


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Glycation in the body: Trigger of protein dysfunction in aging and age-related diseases

Study powerfully demonstrates how the consequences of glycation for the whole proteome can be studied


To maintain organ functions, the proteins in the cells need to be kept in balance (proteostasis). This state is disturbed with increasing age. One possible cause is glycation, in which sugars and proteins combine irreversibly. These advanced glycation end products (AGEs) accumulate and can lead ...


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Blow flies can be used to detect use of chemical weapons, other pollutants

Using mass spectrometry to determine the chemicals in the blow flies' guts


Researchers at the School of Science at IUPUI have found that blow flies can be used as chemical sensors, with a particular focus on the detection of chemical warfare agents. Despite widespread bans, chemical weapons have been deployed in recent conflicts such as the Syrian civil war, and some ...


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analytica 2022: Fighting COVID-19 with combined expertise

New tools in virus research and detection


Whether PCR apps or high-tech analysis equipment for vaccine development: during the pandemic, the chemical analysis and biotech sector has demonstrated its strength. From June 21 to 24, 2022, the industry will come together in Munich at analytica, the leading trade fair for analysis, laboratory ...


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Researchers develop new approach to discover pervasive ‘forever’ chemicals known as PFAS

Advanced mass spectrometry helps unravel complexity of PFAS chemistry


PFAS, a family of thousands of human-made chemicals, are everywhere, and some of them are known to be harmful for our bodies and the environment. Even more frightening is how little we know about these pervasive pollutants found in everything from food packaging and cleaning products to ...


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Plastic snowfall in the Alps

Nanoplastic in the environment: New chemical method for counting plastic particles developed


In a large-scale fundraising campaign, popular YouTubers like Mister Beast and Mark Rober are currently trying to rid the oceans of almost 14,000 tonnes of plastic waste. That's about 0.15 per cent of the amount that ends up in the oceans every year. But it's not just our waters that are full of ...


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Bruker Acquires Prolab Instruments

Augment Multiomics Solutions


Bruker Corporation announced the acquisition of Prolab Instruments GmbH, a Swiss technology company specialized in low-flow, high precision liquid chromatography technology and systems. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Mr. Werner Doebelin, the Founder and CEO of Prolab, ...


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AI offers a faster way to predict antibiotic resistance

Huge new data set combines mass spectrometry data with information on antibiotic resistance


A study under co-leadership of the ETH Zurich has shown that computer algorithms can determine antimicrobial resistance of bacteria faster than previous methods. This could help treat serious infections more efficiently in the future. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are on the rise all over the ...


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