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Spread of a novel SARS-CoV-2 variant across Europe in summer 2020

There is currently no evidence of this variant being more dangerous


Researchers from Basel and Spain have identified a novel SARS-CoV-2 variant that has spread widely across Europe in recent months, according to an un-peer-reviewed preprint released this week. While there is no evidence of this variant being more dangerous, its spread may give insights into the ...


U of T Researchers Develop “Hi-Def” Copy Number Variation Decoder


University of Toronto researchers have developed a new “high definition” computer program to analyze human DNA and more accurately detect genetic variants that affect individual traits like disease susceptibility and varying drug responses. A multi-disciplinary team combining computer science ...


Scripps research team wins $5.1 million to develop DNA sequencing technology


Scripps Research Institute Professor Reza Ghadiri, Ph.D., has been awarded a four-year, $5.1 million grant as part of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) initiative to spur the development of the next generation of DNA sequencing technologies, which could enable biomedical researchers and ...


Illumina and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Announce Completed Genome for Endangered Tasmanian Devil

Uncovering Mutations Found in Deadly Transmissible Cancer Could Help Conservation Efforts


Researchers from Illumina, Inc. and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have used Illumina's next generation sequencing technology to create a draft genome sequence for the endangered Tasmanian devil, and will use this to find genetic mutations in the transmissible cancer that is ravaging its ...


Genome sequence of hypertensive rat expected to uncover the genetic basis of hypertension in humans


Chronic high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a serious health risk factor that afflicts more than 25% of all adults worldwide, but the molecular basis of the disease remains poorly understood. In a study published in Genome Research, scientists have sequenced the genome of the ...


Scientists sequence genome of the woodland strawberry, a model system for rosaceae plants

Research could provide model for other plants in the Rosaceae family, including almond, apple and peach


The genome of a model plant related to peach, cherry and cultivated strawberry has been sequenced by a consortium of international researchers that includes scientists with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS). The scientists announced the sequencing of the genome of woodland strawberry. The ...


Genome BC collaborates with Chile and Norway to sequence salmon genome


The economically important, environmentally sensitive Atlantic salmon species will have its genome fully sequenced, thanks to an international collaboration involving researchers, funding agencies and industry from Canada, Chile and Norway. Genome BC is partnering with the Chilean Economic ...


Establishing standard definitions for genome sequences


In 1996, researchers from major genome sequencing centers around the world convened on the island of Bermuda and defined a finished genome as a gapless sequence with a nucleotide error rate of one or less in 10,000 bases. This effectively set the quality target for the human genome effort and was ...


Potato Genome Sequence Released by International Group of Scientists


The Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium (PGSC), an international group of scientists has announced that it has released the first draft sequence of the potato genome. The PGSC started work on the project three years ago. The resulting 'blueprint' of how the potato works could revolutionize ...


Counting duplicated genome segments now possible

Numbers can vary from person to person


A newly designed computational method has proven its usefulness in counting copies of duplicated genome sequences and in doing initial assessments of their contents, according to a study in Nature Genetics. The number of copies of particular DNA segments can differ from one person to the ...


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