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Identifying toxic materials in water with machine learning

New research can quickly identify toxins from oil sands and tailing ponds


Waste materials from oil sands extraction, stored in tailings ponds, can pose a risk to the natural habitat and neighbouring communities when they leach into groundwater and surface ecosystems. Until now, the challenge for the oil sands industry is that the proper analysis of toxic waste ...


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Scientists unveil world’s first molecular-level analysis of Omicron spike protein

Findings shed light on factors behind Omicron’s increased transmissibility


Researchers at UBC’s faculty of medicine have conducted the world’s first molecular-level structural analysis of the Omicron variant spike protein. The findings were published in Science. The analysis – done at near atomic resolution using cryo-electron microscopy – reveals how the heavily ...


Cuprates earn their stripes

Superconductivity breakthroughs


The Canadian research community on high-temperature superconductivity continues to lead this exciting scientific field with groundbreaking results coming hot on the heels of big theoretical questions. The latest breakthrough, which will be published Science, answers a key question on the ...


Researchers snap-shot fastest observations of superconductivity yet


An international team of researchers has used infinitely short light pulses to observe ultrafast changes in the electron-level properties of superconductors, setting a new standard for temporal resolution in the field.The scientists - from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the University ...


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Mannosidase catches the boat


A boat conformation of the Michaelis complex of beta-mannosidase Man2A has been demonstrated by a collaboration of scientists in the UK and Canada. Gideon Davies and Wendy Offen at the University of York and colleagues from Newcastle University, worked with scientists from Queen’s University, ...


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