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Seasonal temperature impacts patient lab results


Ambient temperature influences the results of some of the most used laboratory tests, and these distortions likely affect medical decision making, such as whether to prescribe medications, researchers report December 10th in the journal Med. The authors say that laboratories could statistically ...


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Making the invisible visible

New method for studying atomic structures in material surfaces


Researchers from Friedrich Schiller University Jena, the University of California Berkeley and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris use intense laser light in the extreme ultraviolet spectrum to generate a non-linear optical process on a laboratory scale – a process which until now has only been ...


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Be more patient? Imagine that


How often do you act impulsively without considering the consequences? What if you could learn how to be more patient? By using functional MRI (fMRI) to look inside the brain, neuroscientists Adrianna Jenkins, a UC Berkeley postdoctoral researcher, and Ming Hsu, an associate professor of ...


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Sweating for science

Wearable device detects, analyzes real-time changes in chemical composition of sweat


A team of researchers has combined two separate technologies to create a health-monitoring device that is noninvasive, doesn't interfere with strenuous outdoor activities and can continuously track a user's health at the molecular level. The two-part system of flexible sensors and a flexible ...


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Diamonds may be the key to future NMR/MRI technologies


Researchers with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California Berkeley have demonstrated that diamonds may hold the key to the future for nuclear magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging technologies In a study led by Alexander Pines, a senior faculty ...


CT scan of Earth links deep mantle plumes with volcanic hotspots

Scans prove that plumes of hot rock anchored at core-mantle boundary rise to form island chains


Seismologists have produced for the first time a sharp, three-dimensional scan of Earth's interior that conclusively connects plumes of hot rock rising through the mantle with surface hotspots that generate volcanic island chains like Hawaii, Samoa and Iceland. Essentially a computed tomography, ...


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Atomic view of microtubules

Berkeley Lab researchers achieve record 3.5 angstroms resolution and visualize action of a major microtubule-regulating protein


Microtubules, hollow fibers of tubulin protein only a few nanometers in diameter, form the cytoskeletons of living cells and play a crucial role in cell division through their ability to undergo rapid growth and shrinkage, a property called "dynamic instability." Through a combination of ...


Label-free single-molecule DNA sequencing


Microfluidics can be used to trap a single DNA–enzyme complex in its native state, without immobilisation. These studies have usually been performed by immobilising either the enzyme or the DNA on a glass slide, but this may modify their properties, and make it difficult to analyse the ...


Genome sequencing complete on plodding amoeba that flips into free-swimming flagellate

Naegleria genome sheds light on transition from prokaryotes to eukaryotes


In the long evolutionary road from bacteria to humans, a major milestone occurred some 1.5 billion years ago when microbes started building closets for all their stuff, storing DNA inside a nucleus, for example, or cramming all the energy machinery inside mitochondria. Scientists have now ...


Atom interferometer provides most precise test yet of Einstein's gravitational redshift

Scientists measure interference between matter waves separated by 0.1 mm


While airplane and rocket experiments have proved that gravity makes clocks tick more slowly – a central prediction of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity – a new experiment in an atom interferometer measures this slowdown 10,000 times more accurately than before, and finds it to be ...


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