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oncgnostics cooperates with the Medical University of Graz

Study on Head-and-Neck tumors aims to demonstrate that a diagnostic method can reliably and early detect malignant tumors using non-invasive saliva samples


The biotechnology company oncgnostics GmbH is researching a method for diagnosing Head-and-Neck tumors together with the clinical department for general ENT at the Medical University of Graz as part of the “OroCa-Graz” study. 550,000 people worldwide develop carcinomas of this type every year. As ...


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A protein indicating higher breast cancer mortality risk

Researchers found new biomarker for breast cancer


With the support of the Austrian Science Fund FWF, oncologists found a biomarker for breast cancer having a poor prognosis and developed two viable methods to detect it in tissue samples. Breast cancer is the most frequent malignant tumour in women worldwide. In Austria, about 5,500 women develop ...


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Messenger substance live on show

Important messenger substance in human cells measured 'live' for the first time


Scientists have succeeded in making real-time measurements of changes in the concentration of the important messenger substance nitric oxide (NO) in human cells for the first time. The breakthrough, which has been published in the journal "Nature Communications", was achieved by fusing two ...


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