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X-ray view into hydrogen production

Analysis points the way to more durable iridium electrodes


Green hydrogen is expected to play a central role in the energy industry of the future: Among other things, it can replace oil and gas as energy carriers and also enable emission-free production of steel and cement. For an efficient hydrogen economy, however, the production of the ...


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Blood biomarker identified that predicts type 2 diabetes many years before diagnosis

An AI-based diagnostic tool is being developed through a biotech startup


A large study led by Lund University in Sweden has identified a protein in the blood that could predict type 2 diabetes up to nineteen years before the onset of the disease. The study is published inNature Communications. Type 2 diabetes is a growing global epidemic, with 6% of the world ...


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Lead Halide Perovskites – a Horse of a Different Color

Novel spectroscopic technique developed


In a joint experimental and theoretical effort between Lund University (Sweden), the Russian Academy of Science (Russia), and the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden at Technische Universität Dresden (Germany), researchers developed a novel spectroscopic technique for the study of charge ...


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Detect Alzheimer's disease as early as 20 years before the onset?

New blood test shows great promise in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease


A new blood test demonstrated remarkable promise in discriminating between persons with and without Alzheimer's disease and in persons at known genetic risk may be able to detect the disease as early as 20 years before the onset of cognitive impairment, according to a large international study ...


Highly charged molecules behave paradoxically


A number of chemistry researchers from several institutions including Lund University in Sweden, have managed to identify a new mechanism that makes certain charged biomolecules attach to each other. The biomolecules in the present study serve as models for antibacterial peptides, that is, ...


Method aims to predict allergenic potency of chemicals


Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have developed a method which determines not only whether a chemical or substance is allergenic, but also how strong its potential for causing hypersensitivity is. This will aid in the establishment of so-called threshold values - or how much of a ...


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How cells move


It's a known fact that cells can move around the body, but how they do it has been unknown - until now. Researcher in Infection Medicine Pontus Nordenfelt at Lund University in Sweden has managed to describe and visualize cell migration on a molecular level. In time, this could become significant ...


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New knowledge about the building blocks of life


A study of an enzyme that helps build and repair DNA in living organisms increases our understanding of how these processes are controlled and how we can use this to combat infections. Chemists at the Faculty of Science at Lund University in Sweden, together with their colleagues in Umeå and ...


Endogenous proteins found in a 70-million-year-old giant marine lizard


With their discovery, the scientists Johan Lindgren, Per Uvdal, Anders Engdahl, and colleagues have demonstrated that remains of type I collagen, a structural protein, are retained in a mosasaur fossil.The scientists have used synchrotron radiation-based infrared microspectroscopy at MAX-lab in ...


Novel technology opens the door to the understanding of and possible treatments for obesity, diabetes, ageing and cancer

Seahorse Bioscience Announces the XF96 Extracellular Flux Analyzer for Cellular Bioenergetics


Seahorse Bioscience announced the release of the first ever analytical instrument for the kinetic measurement of mitochondrial oxygen consumption and cytoplasmic glycolysis in cells in a 96 well microplate. For the past 75 years tools for measuring cellular bioenergetics have been relatively ...


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