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Chasing tiny vehicles

Microscope shows how nanoferries invade cells


Nanoparticles are just billionths of a millimeter in size. Exhibiting novel and often surprising properties, they are finding their way into an endless stream of equally innovative products. In medical therapies, for example, tiny nanovehicles could one day ferry drugs or even genes into cells. ...


Scientists moving closer to 'artificial noses'

More than one nanostring to their bow


Quick, certain and cheap detection of single molecules is a task that chemical analysts are now expected to perform. Luckily, there is a method they can employ for this, which uses nanotechnology: Specifically, they use "nano-electromechanical systems", or NEMS. These systems involve strings with ...


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Looking down the tube

How defects make nano-objects better


They are extremely light, yet stronger than steel and more resilient than diamond. They are nearly unbeatable as heat and electricity conductors. In some cases, they even become superconductors with no electric resistance: carbon nanotubes are – at a diameter of a few millionths of a millimeter – ...


Revealing Photographs of DNA

Ultrasensitive DNA detection with photographic paper


Ultrasensitive genetic detection methods could revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. However, all the techniques until now have been far too technically demanding for broad application. Munich researchers led by Thomas Carell have now developed a very simple method based on the ...


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