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Eyepiece-less Stereo Microscope Manits

Magnification range up to 20x ✓ Long working distances, large depth of field ✓ Shadow-free true-color LED illumination more

Digital viewer DRV-Z1

Digital stereo 3D with vivid depth perception ✓ New real time collaboration opportunity ✓ Improved comfort and productivity ✓ more

Changing milk analysis

One analyzer that can run standard as well as challenging samples with high total solids ✓ No analyser drift, constant re-calibration or annual demand for service ✓ You do not have to worry about air in the system, blocking, cleaning, change of filter or cuvette more

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  • Crystal structures in super slow motion

    Laser beams can be used to change the properties of materials in an extremely precise way. This principle is already widely used in technologies such as rewritable DVDs. However, the underlying processes generally take place at such unimaginably fast speeds and at such a small scale that they have s more

  • A microscope for everyone

    Modern microscopes used for biological imaging are expensive, are located in specialized laboratories and require highly qualified staff. To research novel, creative approaches to address urgent scientific issues — for example in the fight against infectious diseases such as Covid-19 — is thus prima more

  • New algorithm sharpens focus of world's most powerful microscopes

    We've all seen that moment in a cop TV show where a detective is reviewing grainy, low-resolution security footage, spots a person of interest on the tape, and nonchalantly asks a CSI technician to "enhance that." A few keyboard clicks later, and voila - they've got a perfect, clear picture of the s more

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2-In-1 Solution for Visual & Chemical Material Analysis of Microstructures Saves 90% Time

Visually inspect and chemically analyze in a single work step with your DM6 M LIBS materials analysis solution.  The integrated laser spectroscopy function delivers the chemical composition of the microstructure that you see in the microscope image – within a second. Speed up your workflow. The LIB more

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