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  • Shedding New Light on Viruses

    Professor Dr. Charlotte Uetrecht from the University of Siegen is studying the structures of proteins and protein complexes in coronaviruses and noroviruses, and how they change over the viral lifecycle. She is developing a new method to obtain as much information as possible about states of these v more

  • Light-driven molecular swing

    When light impinges on molecules, it is absorbed and re-emitted. Advances in ultrafast laser technology have steadily improved the level of detail in studies of such light-matter interactions. FRS, a laser spectroscopy method in which the electric field of laser pulses repeating millions of times pe more

  • Surface imaging technique illuminates potential improvements in plastics production

    Consider the humble plastic food wrapper. It may seem like a simple clear film that wraps a loaf of bread or fruit gummies, but these films are less simply composed as it seems. Each individual layer must be chemically treated so that it adheres well to the next. In their efforts to adapt an establi more

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