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  • Controlling Cells with a Laser Beam

    At TU Wien, a method was developed to guide individual cells to the right place with laser precision. It is one of the biggest problems with producing artificial tissue: How can the individual cells be directed to the right place, for example when a blood vessel is to be created at a very specific l more

  • Rotating blue laser light reveals unimagined dynamics in living cells

    When cities transform into a colorful world of lights as darkness falls, it’s often only possible to estimate their contours, which depending on the perspective can draw the attention to key details or trivia. In fluorescence microscopy, biological cells are marked with fluorescent dyes and excited more

  • Deeper insight thanks to neutrons from a laser source

    A team led by the Technical University of Darmstadt has for the first time made laser-generated neutrons usable for an industrial application. The researchers showed that neutrons generated compactly with lasers can be used in non-destructive material testing. As electrically neutral particles, neut more

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