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Docking Station for Three HPLC Modules: Valves, Pumps & Detectors Freely Combinable within Housing

The AZURA Assistant ASM 2.2L allows the combination of valves, pumps and UV detectors in one housing more

Point of care - Breathing gas analysis Revelar

Deduction of important biomarkers! ✓ Fast and laboratory-compatible measurement directly on the patient! ✓ EN ISO 13485 accordingly developed, besides CE approval also a later FDA approval! more

The LC-4000 Series is the latest in a long history of innovative HPLC/SFC systems developed by JASCO

HPLC/SFC pumps employ an exclusive solvent delivery system SSQD (Slow Suction -Quick Delivery) ✓ HPLC/SFC detectors with unrivalled performance, like the class leading FP-4020 Fluorescence Detector ✓ SFC solutions easily scales-up from analytical to preparative, for both chiral and achiral samples ✓ more

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Groundbreaking (U)HPLC Technology – Shimadzu’s New Nexera Series

The new Nexera series of Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatographs incorporates Analytical Intelligence, allowing systems to detect and resolve issues automatically. It makes lab management simple by integrating IoT and device networking, enabling users to easily review instrument status, optimiz more

Performance you need, Results you can trust

Ever-evolving regulations are impacting LC method approaches for product quality control and beyond. Count on the Arc HPLC System for high-efficiency separations and quality data to help meet your regulatory requirements with confidence. Arc HPLC allows you to easily replicate and improve the perfor more

Analytical HPLC and UHPLC Not Off-The-Shelf but Tailored to Your Needs

Whether for routine analytics in quality assurance or sophisticated research analytics, KNAUER’s cleverly designed, user-friendly AZURA HPLC/UHPLC systems always give you powerful performance. This is what KNAUER customers have come to value over the past decades. Flexible, modular system configurat more

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