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Fusion of strengths - The high-end GC Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Lowest injection volumes, long service life thanks to increased sensitivity. ✓ Lowest detection limits and reliable results even in the ultra-trace range. ✓ Precise processing - fast and easy operation with the user-friendly software more

The NEW Single Column GC Solution for Dioxin Analysis

Improve lab productivity by 50% ✓ Enhanced resolution of TCDD & TCDF✓ Improved column lifetime with integrated column option ✓ more

Small, transportable gas chromatograph (GC) for analysis of fixed gases and light hydrocarbons

Quantitative results in minutes ✓ Transportable for on-site analysis ✓ Simplified, web-based software more

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  • ‘E-nose’ could someday diagnose Parkinson’s disease by ‘smelling’ skin

    A couple of years ago, a woman named Joy Milne made headlines when scientists discovered that she could “smell” Parkinson’s disease (PD) on people with the neurodegenerative disorder. Since then, researchers have been trying to build devices that could diagnose PD through odor compounds on the skin. more

  • DataApex and Young Lin Instruments announce OEM cooperation

    DataApex and Young Lin Instruments announced an OEM cooperation. Young Lin Instruments will market an OEM version of DataApex's proven product Clarity Chromatography Software under the name YL-Clarity. According to the company, Young Lin Instruments expands rapidly their dealer network and currently more

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