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Innovative methane detector system for easy survey of gas pipelines

High sensitivity, quick response and short recovery time thanks to IR technology from 0ppm to 100vol% ✓ Zero cross sensitivity against water or car exhaust ✓ Built in GC and GPS for gas analysis and GIS tracking more

A compact transportable case mounted gas analyser configured for environmental field studies

Versatile mass spectrometer gas analyser with a wide range of interchangeable sampling inlets ✓Analysis of dissolved species from 100% to sub-ppb levels ✓ Portable and robust system which can be powered from a 12 V supply for field use more

Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen Analyzer for Metals, Alloys and Ceramics with Electrode Furnace

Comfortable ONH analysis of pins, drillings, granulates and powders (up to 2000 mg) without capsules ✓ Integration in automation analysis possible ✓ Optional Autocleaner, Autoloader (2021) more

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More Than 40 Years Of Experience In Hyphenated Techniques

All NETZSCH thermobalances and simultaneous thermal analyzers (STAs) are characterized by their vertical, top-loading design. This not only ensures easy handling and sample loading, but is also in accordance with the natural gas flow path inside the furnace and protects the balance underneath in an more

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