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Compact FTIR based Gas Analyzer for the fully automated quantification of gas compounds

Versatile: Quantification of more than 300 gas compounds without the need for costly gas calibrations ✓ Cost-effective: Highest sensitivity without the need for liquid nitrogen or purge gas thanks to "DryPath" ✓ Accurate: The quantification routine considers also the effect of interfering compounds ✓ more

A compact transportable case mounted gas analyser configured for environmental field studies

Versatile mass spectrometer gas analyser with a wide range of interchangeable sampling inlets ✓Analysis of dissolved species from 100% to sub-ppb levels ✓ Portable and robust system which can be powered from a 12 V supply for field use more

10 air pollutants and greenhouse gases – one high-precision analyzer

Multicompound: Measures 10 gases simultaneously replacing up to 7 conventional gas analyzers at once ✓ Mobile monitoring: Made for mobile trace gas monitoring on cars, ships and planes ✓ Precise and fast: Monitoring with sub-parts-per-billion precision and up to 10Hz time resolution more

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