Flash chromatography

Our key topic on flash chromatography provides information on the latest developments and trends in this chemical separation method. Stay up to date with product launches, the latest publications from research and industry, and the main players.

Products Flash Chromatography

UV VIS DAD sends scan or 4 wavelengths signal measured in external cell connected by optical cables

On-line scan of whole spectrum with speed up to 20 Hz allows to create 3D graph ✓ Communication using LAN, RS232 or USB and also four analog outputs ✓ Thanks to optical cables connection can be external cell situated in distant space ✓ more

Pure Chromatography Systems

Use of compressed air is sufficient for ELSD, no need to use expensive gases like argon or nitrogen ✓ Reliable system security thanks to automatic monitoring functions and settings ✓ Countless equipment variants ✓ more

COMPACT PREP-FLASH SYSTEM with DAD detector, gradient pump, inject valve and fraction collector.

Six gradient valves allow easy method changing without need of system washing out ✓ Sophisticated touch screen menu makes operating user friendly ✓ 3D spectra helps sample identification and purity checking more

News Flash Chromatography

White papers Flash Chromatography

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