UniCond Calibration

Periodic calibration of conductivity sensors is vital to measurement accuracy and is required by global pharmacopeias. The UniCond Calibrator uses NIST-traceable precision resistors to verify the performance of the temperature and conductivity circuitry of Thornton UniCond conductivity sensors. This convenient accessory permits fast and simple in-line electronics calibration without removing the sensor from the process. The UniCond Calibrator, used with a UniCond sensor and Thornton ISM transmitter, is the only digital system available that meets global pharmacopeia calibration standards.

Discover in this webinar:

  • Pharmacopeia conductivity calibration requirements
  • How simple the UniCond Calibrator is to use
  • Why UniCond sensors are so accurate

By appointment: Yes
  • conductivity sensors
  • conductivity
  • calibration
  • temperature
  • sensors
  • NIST
  • electronics
  • calibration standards
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