The New Catalogue with over 10,000 Ready-To-Use Laboratory Chemicals

Contains It All: Conventional Solutions, Standards and Ready-To-Use Reagents

Bernd Kraft has been a specialist in producing ready-to-use chemicals for more than 40 years. With a wide product range of over 10,000 laboratory chemicals, mixtures and standards, all of which are manufactured in Germany, we maintain the ideal selection for you.

Instead of producing a several component mixture yourself, simply select the right ready-to-use product for your needs from our 900+ page catalogue. This offers you with the following benefits:

  • Substitution of hazardous substances
  • Less hazardous waste
  • Perfectly labelled containers with all the markings to comply with current legislation
  • Batch-to-batch consistent quality throughout
  • Safety data sheet included
  • Product certificate of the batch, including quality statement
  • Container sizes from anything between 1 ml and 1000 l
  • No minimum order size

The catalogue also contains ready-to-use solutions for volumetric analysis according to Ph. Eur. This ensures you are always compliant when carrying out analytical procedures.

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