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We supply everything that facilitates daily work routines, increases accuracy and improves process safety – in fact, those items that help to make the laboratory all that more efficient!


Whether in research, science and industry: ratiolab® liquid handling products are used in many laboratories worldwide for applications with liquid media. Our broad portfolio offers everything that facilitates the daily laboratory routine: Pipet tips, diverse pipet tips systems, serological pipets, Pasteur pipettes, etc.


The product category “Labware” offers a wide choice of products for general laboratory applications. Our high quality cuvets, tubes and vessels are used in a multitude of laboratory applications. Even the clinical field is covered with our Uri-Lab multi purpose beakers and bottles, ear tips and funnels.


The broad “Life Science” portfolio offers a wide choice of products for microbiology and biotechnology. Our micro test plates, deep-well blocks, PCR products as well as the ratiolab® micro-tubes system are manufactured under strict quality requirements in accordance to the SBS-standard in order to guarantee accuracy and process efficiency in your lab.


The category “cryo products” offers you a wide choice of products for the carriage and storage under deep-freeze conditions. This includes cryo boxes out of several materials, cryo tubes and storage solutions for deep freezers as well as a corresponding accessory.


slamed® provides medical, chemical and biological laboratories with Liquid Handling equipment and analysers. High quality material, durability and reasonable prices are the key features which our customers rely on.

slamed® analysers are specially designed to meet small laboratories‘ requirements for non-sophisticated analytical instruments. Easy operation, proven technology and low running costs are the criteria which are appreciated by our customers.


Laboratory disposables made of plastic for research, science and industry are much in demand. Frequently, however, tasks have to be performed where standard products are just not good enough. Here, individual solutions are required – whether for special pipet tips, non-standard cuvets, customized magazines or even items that do not exist… THINK!

  • pipettes

  • pipetting tips

  • filter tips

  • pipetting aids

  • serological pipettes

  • dispenser tips

  • pasteur pipettes

  • cuvettes

  • reaction vessels

  • centrifuge tubes

  • closures

  • autoclave bags

  • s

  • petri dishes

  • mugs

  • cans

  • PCR tubes

  • PCR plates

  • cryoboxes

  • cryogenic racks

  • cryotubes

  • pipette tips

  • lids

  • beakers

  • containers

  • deepwell plates

  • sealing mats

  • cryo racks

  • consumables

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