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Basler MED ace - Industrial Digital Cameras for Medical & Life Sciences

New CMOS instead of old CCD sensor technology: high frame rate and resolution at a low price ✓ Image processing made easy: the MED Feature Sets combine hardware, firmware and software functions ✓ Certified quality standards: production, distribution and service according to ISO13485:2016 more

Microspectrometer as Small as Your Fingertip

Hamamatsu offers a whole product range from brand new micro-spectrometers the size of a finger tip to dedicated measurements systems more

Basler dart USB - Embedded Vision Camera Modules for Medical & Life Sciences

High-performance and sustainable with the Sony IMX392 and IMX334 sensors ✓ Space-saving and lightweight with 27 x 27 mm at 5 g in the bareboard version ✓ Easy to integrate and variable thanks to USB 3.0 interface and Basler pylon Camera Software Suite more

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  • Seeing the world through different eyes

    Short-wave infrared light (SWIR) is useful for many things: It helps sort out damaged fruit and inspecting silicon chips, and it enables night vision devices with sharp images. But SWIR cameras have so far been based on expensive electronics. Researchers at Empa, EPFL, ETH Zurich and the University more

  • Infrared Detector for Smartphones and Autonomous Vehicles

    Jülich researchers, together with Italian and German colleagues, have developed a particularly cost-effective infrared detector that can be easily integrated into existing camera chips and smartphones. The new sensor can make two technically important ranges of infrared radiation visible, which prev more

  • Breakthrough could enable cheaper infrared cameras

    There's an entire world our eyes miss, hidden in the ranges of light wavelengths that human eyes can't see. But infrared cameras can pick up the secret light emitted as plants photosynthesize, as cool stars burn and batteries get hot. They can see through smoke and fog and plastic. But infrared came more

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