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Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) using Single Dynamic Injections for Kinetics and Affinities

Time and cost savings – No need to make multiple concentration dilutions ✓ High throughput - Automated capacity of up to 768 samples per run ✓ Versatility - Perform competition screens in addition to affinity screens ✓ more

The device carries out a photochemical process to tether antibodies on any thiol-reactive surface

An easy-to-use device for bio-sensing ✓ A light assisted antibody immobilization process to functionalize biosensors' transducers ✓ UV irradiation applied to anchor antiIgG antibody to any kind of suitable transducers ✓ more

Efficient protein analysis for process optimisation and manufacturing control in high-throughput

High-throughput - up to 96 samples or 96 assays in parallel ✓ Control of critical quality attributes (CQAs) during the manufacturing processes ✓ Fully automated - integrates seamlessly into development or production processes ✓ more

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  • Synthetic Genes for Flu Test

    The quantitative detection of specific antibodies in complex samples such as blood can inform on many different diseases but usually requires a complicated laboratory procedure. A new method for the rapid, inexpensive, yet quantitative and specific point-of-care detection of antibodies has now been more

  • Biosensor detects brain tumors with less than a drop of blood

    Despite significant advances, mortality from brain tumors remains high with five-year survival rates of 36%, according to the National Cancer Institute. More accurate diagnoses might improve the situation, but tissue biopsies are invasive and can miss important information about a tumor’s make-up. I more

  • Scientists create luminescent gels with multitude of applications from counterfeiting to bio-sensing

    Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have taken inspiration from nature to create luminescent, self-healing gels with a suite of potential applications ranging from bank note counterfeiting to next-gen bio-sensing and imaging. Crucially, the scientists have been able to introduce guanosine (a mole more

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