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molecule stabilization and visualization of their interaction – matching system components

faster product development due to harmonized products ✓ flexible development and application due to broad portfolio ✓ comprehensive fields of application for various technologies more

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  • analytica 2022: New instruments for personalized medicine

    From cancer to birth defects to infectious disease: Modern gene and bioanalysis is the key to personalized medicine. Its goal it to increase the success rate of recovery and minimize side effects by examining the illness and the individual characteristics of a patient as precisely as possible. “anal more

  • In neurodegenerative diseases, brain immune cells have a “ravenous appetite” for sugar

    At the beginning of neurodegenerative disease, the immune cells of the brain – the “microglia” – take up glucose, a sugar molecule, to a much greater extent than hitherto assumed. Studies by the DZNE, the LMU München and the LMU Klinikum München, published in the journal Science Translational Medici more

  • Researchers Find Warning Signs for Dementia in the Blood

    Researchers at the DZNE and the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) have identified molecules in the blood that can indicate impending dementia. Their findings, which are presented in the scientific journal “EMBO Molecular Medicine”, are based on human studies and laboratory experiments. Vario more

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