SRI Gaschromatographs: "Customized GC" since 1986


Since 1986 SRI Instruments Inc. (California) develops gas chromatography systems with the main objective to build an instrument which can easily be adapted to the customer's needs. The result was a modular built GC which can be equipped with up to six different detectors to cover a wide range of analytical methods.
One important point during the development of the chromatograph was the use of standard components to ensure quick and easy maintenance in case of a failure. Because of this upgrading the system is possible without any problems. Tswett originated the chromatography with his work about the separation of chlorophyll in 1903. For some time it was relatively quite around this new technology. Exceptions were the workings of Kuhn and Lederer (1931) as well as of Hesse (1936 and 1942). A break through succeeded to E. Cremer during the 40ies, but hardly considered caused by the war events, what however in the years 1950/51 by the conception of the gas chromatography suddenly changed and involved a rapid development.


The first gas chromatograph built in 1986 only contained a TCD and a FID detector. During the next years more and more detectors were developed. Today you can choose between sixteen different detectors where six can be combined on one single gas chromatograph.

Not only chassis was changed over the last years. The electronics inside the instrument was improved to reach a better signal to noise ratio and higher sensitivity of the detectors. The electronic was designed using standard components to make sure that spare parts are easily available. This makes it is easy to apply modifications to the system if this is required by the customer.


The software which is used to for system control and data acquisition was developed during the last years, too. The first versions were running on DOS and Windows 3.1. Current versions are running on the usual operating systems. This is also reflected in the handling of the program which became more and more user friendly. From the first beginning up to now software updates can be downloaded for free from the SRI web site.

Since 1996 Schambeck SFD GmbH manages the market in the 13 original EC countries and Switzerland for SRI Instruments Inc.. That time the "Customized GC" was introduced in the European market. All maintenance and service work is also done in Germany by Schambeck SFD GmbH.

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