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Less is more: Highly accurate viscosity measurements from 0.1 mL of sample

Lovis 2000 M/ME delivers deep insights into the viscosity of liquids. Results are available with a high end precision from a very little sample volume more

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  • SCHOTT Instruments has changed its name to SI Analytics

    SI Analytics products will continue to be developed and manufactured with the same high quality and innovation from the existing manufacturing site in Mainz. SI Analytics is busy developing the next generation of new products, to best serve its customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food & bever more

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  • Do you see the complete picture?

    Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) or also named size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is the most often used method for determining the molecular weight of natural and synthetic macromolecules. One specific strength of this method lies in the fact th more

  • Field-Flow Fractionation - The Universal Separation Principle for Particle and Macromolecule Characterization

    High molecular weight polymers, bio molecules or particles in a range of a few nanometers up to several microns are more and more important in science and technology. Many applications are based on the specific properties of these materials. For this reason, an exact knowledge of the molar mass or particle sizes distribution is essential for later application as well as for optimization of the production processes or quality control. In addition the knowledge about the chain structure of macromolecules or biopolymers as well as about the shape of particles is often necessary. For this reason those samples, which often can be very complex systems, have to be separated according to parameters such as e.g. hydrodynamic volume or molecular weight. After the separation process the resulting narrow dispersed fractions are detected with different techniques. more

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Brookfield Engineering

Viscometers Laboratory Process Rheometers Controlled Rate Rheometers Controlled Stress Rheometers Yield Rheometers Pressurized Rheometers R/S Portable Rheometer Texture Analysis CT3 Texture Analyzer Powder Flow Testing Powder Flow Tester Viscosity Standards General Purpose Silicone Fluids General Pu more

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  •OVERVIEW •NOVA •DYNALYSER •VISCOANALYSER •VISCOANALYSER DSR •VISCOTECH •CAPILLARY •MERLIN Viscometer •ACCESSORIES •SOFTWARE MERLIN Viscometer , High Performance, Self-Contained, Rotational Viscometer MERLIN Viscometer is a high performance rotational viscometer capable of both steady shear and yi more


Home Rheological Answers To Everyday Life! Viscosity measuring instruments for laboratory and production  proRheo is producer of measuring instruments for rheologic examination of fluid products in laboratory as well as viscometers to be used in production process. These instruments give a online si more

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