Chemometry meets Spectroscopy; PLS and MLR Calibration for Dummies and Experts!

Multivariate data analysis is a standard tool in analytics and spectroscopy today. Complex statistical methods in the background are presented in the easy to use Quantify module of the panorama software. With a few mouse clicks users are able to create professional calibration models. 

Benefits of panorama´s Quantify Module: An easy to use wizard guides experienced and inexperienced personnel through all steps of calibration model development. They will be assisted with hints by the wizard to create excellent calibration models within short time

  • Calibration modelling with PLS-1, PLS-2, SIMPLS, PCR and MLR
  • Convenient spectral data selection (calibration and validation data)
  • Assignment of parameter values, e.g. concentrations
  • Mathematical pre-processing (several new operations available now!)
  • Calculation of the calibration model including validation of the model with independent data
  • Automatic outlier detection
  • Interactive optimization of the calibration model
  • Presentation of results in a descriptive report and comprehensive and explorative result plots (support for exchange with office applications)

Model evaluation is achieved easily with the report, plots and automatic outlier detection results. Quality improvements are accomplished with independent validation data.

Robust calibrations developed with panorama can be used in routine spectrum analysis. Either predicted values or more comprehensive prediction reports are produced by the software as output.

Form your own opinion!

Try panorama before you buy. Request your free fully functional 30 days trial version without functional limitation now! Besides the Quantify module all well proven functions and modules of the panorama software are available, e.g. mathematics, spectrum and text search, color analysis, etc.

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