LIMS - method validation - raw data archiving - SAP integration

Cross-industry laboratory application, which has been used successfully for more than 28 years

Freely configurable dashboard on line, bar, pie charts, and other graphic elements, including the direct call of the LABS modules

Results can be captured by different details of a matrix and displayed and output. A transfer and acquisition of / in Excel is possible.

The example of a stability analysis, the graphical and statistical analysis functions are shown. The LABS Graphic part of the LABS offers various graphical and statistical analysis.

The test equipment and measuring equipment monitoring is the backbone of the AQA in the lab and replace the device management books as well as the standard and control samples.

About the master data for a inspection order of the workflow execution of the individual samples can be controlled. Graphically, the status of the execution is displayed. The individual steps can be selected directly.

The LABS/Q® Suite and the Validat form the backbone of a modern, equipped with electronic analyzers laboratories and enables current requirements for accredited and quality assured laboratories also in a GxP environment

The operations range from planning, implementation and evaluation in:

  • development and validation of analytical methods,
  • drug dissolution and their evaluation,
  • analytical quality assurance AQA, test equipment, OOS / OOT, ring tests
  • routine testing in the quality and in-process control,
  • Settlement of hygiene and environmental monitoring,
  • stability studies
  • service laboratories, price lists, quotations and invoicing
  • optimization of chemical synthesis or recipes.

Validation of the analytical methods is a basic precondition for every analytical laboratory, and a prerequisite especially for GxP and ISO 17025 regulated laboratories. VALIDAT guides you safely through the planning, execution, evaluation and extensive reporting process steps. Thus you will save a better part of your previous work and at the same time you will fulfill regulations of DIN, ISO, USP and ICH.

With the LABS/Q ® we offer a universal, exceptionally flexible system which LIMS, LES and raw data archiving functionality covers. Thus, the functions can be adapted to workflows using configurations. The masks and tables can be individually extended and supplemented without complicating a release change. To report and label design various tools are supported. With the standard more than 250 report and label templates are shipped with. About the service pages more templates can be downloaded free of charge.

Due to its multilingualism at the screens, content and reporting, and time zone support the use is given across locations in all sizes of organization.

The integration of mobile devices such as Table PCs with appropriate APPs the way is opened to a paperless laboratory.

The direct connection of equipment and analysis systems to the LABS/Q® reduces the effort as well as errors in gathering and transferring the samples and measurement data dramatically. A raw data archiving and implementation in the AnIML (Analytical Information Markup Language) format allows you addition to archiving via the corresponding LABS Viewer to display the raw data (eg, chromatograms, spectra, etc.) without the need for the original software.

The flexible interfaces and the integration of additional applications (eg ERP, MES, DCS) network. In addition to the certified universally configurable SAP interface (WEB services directly or via PI) also provide the necessary services to LIMS and SAP side are provided.

In particular, the experience built up over 28 years, even in a regulated environment, which has more than 20 years of certified QM system iCD. as well as the continuous development of iCD. Products in cooperation with our customers (Task Force, user meetings), gives you an investment security and the security of a successful implementation and support of the system.

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