Industry-related information served on a plate provides comprehensive information on analytics and more

Most internet search engines come up with millions of results when you enter terms such as “chemistry” or “analytics”. In the light of the accessible huge masses of information and unaudited content, navigating the internet without a landmark is hardly possible when searching for specialist information. A reliable starting point for finding up-to-date and relevant information on analytics and related subjects is

Irrespective of whether you are looking for events, product information, corporate profiles, whitepapers, market research data or scientific publications pertaining to chemistry, analytics or lab equipment, useful results are only seconds away at For subjects such as spectrometry, microwave technology and LIMS there are special topic pages that provide you with at-a-glance insight and useful information.

Another significant advantage is the unique full-text search, enabling you to scan the entire portal for any term you wish. To make this even easier, search suggestions appear when you enter a few letters of your term. If there are too many results, filters can help you to narrow down your search. Step-by-step you can obtain just the information you are looking for.

To keep your search results for later use, you can save them in your personal watch list, archive them as PDF files or forward them to friends or colleagues via e-mail.

There’s another interesting feature: it is possible to subscribe to any search. You will then receive automatic notifications by e-mail or RSS with new information on the subject of your interest.

Ordinary search engines may generate a larger number of results. But when it comes to specialist information, quality matters more than quantity.

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