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  • Giant panda genome reveals new insights into the bear's bamboo diet

    A Chinese-led team including international researchers with a scientist from Cardiff University, has shed new light on some of the giant panda's unusual biological traits, including its famously restricted diet. The team has successfully sequenced the panda genome for the first time and now, the g more

  • First-ever blueprint of a minimal cell is more complex than expected

    What are the bare essentials of life, the indispensable ingredients required to produce a cell that can survive on its own? Can we describe the molecular anatomy of a cell, and understand how an entire organism functions as a system? These are just some of the questions that scientists in a partners more

  • Licence to go where no chemist has gone before

    Scientists at The University of Nottingham have overcome one of the significant research challenges facing electrochemists. For the first time they have found a way of probing right into the heart of an electrochemical reaction. Their breakthrough will help scientists understand how catalysts work. more

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Jump to Navigation [Accesskey 'a'] Jump to Content [Accesskey 's'] Jump to Homepage [Accesskey 'd'] Jump to Site Map [Accesskey 'f'] Jump to Accessibility Statement [Accesskey 'g'] Welcome to Yara Main content An unbroken chain of care Exceptional products need quality at every step more Yara Storie more

People - Circassia Holdings Ltd

Skip to the content Circassia Holdings Ltd Controlling the Immune System Home People Portfolio Partners News Contact People Circassia boasts a management team of experienced managers with an outstanding track record in the industry. The team combines strong development experience with proven commerc more

Rahu Catalytics Home

Home Markets Textiles Pulp and Paper Environment Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Markets CASE Chemical Synthesis Team News Technology Partners Contact Us Site Map  |  Accessibility Job Opportunity RahuCat is looking for a Technical Marketing Executive to be located preferably in our Head Offic more

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