Redefining AAS: High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS

The best AA on the market

The contrAA® series of Analytik Jena exceeds the performance of conventional AA spectrometers in all parameters.

The High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS represents a previously unattained effectiveness and quality of measurement results.

Following decades of experience in the development of spectrometers and graphite furnaces and in cooperation with partners from leading research institutes with the contrAA® series a vision became reality. It is the start of a new generation in AAS, which finally closes the gap between ICP-OES and AAS.

The atomic absorption spectrometer series comprises three instruments:

  • contrAA® 300, the high-resolution continuum source AAS for flame and hydride technology
  • contrAA® 600, the high-resolution continuum source AAS for graphite furnace technology
  • contrAA® 700, a compact, versatile system for flame, hydride and graphite furnace technology

All systems combine intelligent design with premium functionality and persuasive performance characteristics:

  • Just one light source for all elements
  • Unique simultaneous background correction
  • Non-metals and halogens measurement (MAS)
  • Sequential multiroutine as standard
  • Simultaneous measurement (multiple line evaluation)
  • The only alternative to ICP OES
  • Solid Sampling

Infinite Latitude with only One Light Source
With only one light source for all elements and all available wavelengths, the instrument is ready to measure at all times. The previous dependence of the measurement on hollow cathode lamps is eliminated and the associated costly preparation time no longer applies. The protracted burn-in time of the light source, necessary for conventional line sources, is no longer required, since any drift phenomena are corrected simultaneously.

The use of a xenon lamp as a continuous source of radiation opens up the entire wavelength range relevant for AAS for the customer in just one step. Thus, the sequential multielement-routine becomes standard in the flame technique. The evaluation of molecular absorption bands, allowing the analysis of additional elements, such as sulfur, fluorine or phosphorus, is a further innovation.

Simultaneous background correction
The realtime simultaneous background correction with the aid of the reference pixels of the detector and fully automated background routines guarantee precise measuring results. Direct line overlays can also be corrected in the same manner.

Unique Resolution
The unique resolution is decisive for the new quality of the measurement results.Interference is minimized through optimum line separation. Errors, which are caused by the limits of the resolution in traditional line AAS, can be identified for the first time and thereby avoided.

Direct solids analysis – Intelligent innovation pushes back limits
With the contrAA® 600 and 700, the direct analysis of solids by AAS becomes a real alternative for many applications. The user is no longer limited to trace analysis, because insensitive lines can also be used without problems.

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