Certified UV/Vis Reference Materials for Spectrophotometers

Certainly correct measurements when using Certified Reference Materials

Certified UV/Vis Reference materials

Liquid filter - photometric accuracy

Neutral density glass filter to check the photometric accuracy

DAkkS Calibration certificate

Regular testing of spectrophotometers with certified reference materials secures measuring results as well as the traceability of measuring results to international standards (e.g. NIST, European Pharmacopoeia).

In order to calibrate spectrometers, the Hellma Analytics’ Calibration Laboratory, accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025, offers easy-to-handle, ready-for-use certified UV/ Vis reference materials - available as glass and liquid filters. The distinguishing feature is that they are usable trouble-free for many years - thus users profit from a clean, easy and efficient solution for their qualification tasks. Correct measuring results are the basis for safe manufacturing processes and quality control in many areas.

In order to achieve correct measuring results in the long run, one should qualify the following parameters regularly:

  • Wavelength accuracy
  • Photometric accuracy
  • Spectral resolution
  • Level of stray light

Advantages using Hellma Reference Materials

  • You’ll save valuable time
  • You’ll preserve the environment and go easy on your budget
  • No waste or complex preparation of solutions
  • Certainly correct measuring results
  • Measuring results are traceable to international standards

The application…

is very easy and does not require any specific preparation.

Insert the suitable glass or liquid filter into the cell holder and start the measurement or scan. Then compare the obtained absorption values or peaks with the values stated on the included DAkkS Calibration Certificate. Anyone who qualifies his spectrophotometer regularly like this, will secure and document the traceability of measurement results to international standards, e.g. to primary standards of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and in addition, will be able to face the next audit with utmost confidence.

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