EcoSEC - the semi-micro GPC/SEC system for high throughput polymer analysis

Less solvent consumption, increased sensitivity & shorter analysis times

EcoSEC is a compact all–in–one system for high throughput analysis of natural or synthetic polymers by semi-micro gel permeation chromatography (GPC/SEC). EcoSEC combines pumps, an injector, a column oven and a refractive index detector in an integrated system. Technical highlights like the temperature controlled solvent delivery system for maximum reproducibility and the dual flow RI detector for stable RI baseline together with the low system dead volume fulfil all hardware requirements for improved resolution and sensitivity in GPC analysis. For special applications EcoSEC can be upgraded with a column switching valve and UV, viscosity and light scattering detectors. The well known PSS WinGPC software controls the entire system and performs data acquisition and GPCdata analysis.

The TSKgel GPC COLUMN BROCHURE describes, alongside the conventional TSKgel GPC columns, the TSKgel semi-micro GPC columns that are ideally suited to be combined with EcoSEC, as semi-micro GPC offers additional benefits like shorter analysis times, less sample and solvent consumption and even higher separation efficiency.

In Europe EcoSEC is distributed in cooperation with PSS Polymer Standards Service, one of the leading companies for polymer characterization.

Tosoh Bioscience is a leading manufacturer of liquid chromatography media and columns and has more than 40 years experience in size exclusion. Tosoh successfully manufactures and distributes GPC instruments in Japan for more than 25 years. PSS Polymer Standards Service GmbH - one of the leading companies for products and services in GPC/SEC - distributes the EcoSEC GPC system in Europe.

More detailed information about EcoSEC can be found on our product websites or in our product brochure!

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