SunCollect - A most versatile MALDI spotter and MALDI imaging combined in one instrument

SunCollect MALDI Spotter

Distribution of some selected proteins in different anatomic regions of rat brain achieved by single spot application (Courtesy of Prof. Salzet and Dr. Fournier, Université Lille, France)

Distribution of some selected peptides in different anatomic regions of rat kidney achieved by spraying Trypsin and thereafter CHCA layer (Courtesy of Emmanuelle Claude; Waters; Manchester; UK)

Distribution of two Benzyl-alkyl-ammonia homologues on rabbit eye after DHB spray application and its amazing ultra high resolution (Courtesy of ImaBiotech; Lille; France)

Spray results on glass with alpha-Cyano-4 hydroxycinnamic acid (CHCA) performed by SunCollect MALDI spotter with spray option magnification 40x

When Micro HPLC or Nano HPLC is employed to separate samples, the components of the sample are isolated as fractions in the same way as when analytical scale HPLC is used. In many laboratories, the fractions are deposited into microtiter plate wells (MTP) or are spotted onto MALDI-MS targets for further investigation.

The SunCollect MALDI Spotter is extremely successful in collecting fractions using either approach. If desired, a single fraction can be saved in both formats at the same time. When this approach is used, most of the fraction can be collected in the microtiter plate well and a small volume can be spotted on the MALDI target. Even if the volume of the fraction is large, the entire fraction can be collected and no eluate (= compounds) is lost.

The software is designed to be extremely simple to use. It is very easy to enter new sample collection protocols or create new target design.

The SunCollect MALDI-Spotter is biocompatible, since the sample and collected fractions are in contact only with PEEK and quartz.

NEW:  MALDI-MSI (MS imaging; MALDI MS imaging)

The newly developed “Fast Spray Option” of SunCollect opens new horizons and new possibilities for imaging tissues. So a standard microscope glass slide can be homogeneously sprayed now in less than 50 seconds.

The results document this quantum step in comparison to manual spraying with a TLC sprayer or an airbrush, see pictures on the left side. Additionally the user can save up to 50% or more of valuable matrix solution, because SunCollect applies approx. 90% of matrix solution directly on the tissue.

Besides creating a completely homogeneous coating the resulting crystal size is very small or amorphous, which can enhance the signal-noise-ratio of the MS signal.

System solution

Outstanding Features of the SunCollect MALDI-Spotter

SunCollect MALDI-Spotter provides the following features:

  1. High precision
  2. Simultaneous collection of a sample on a microtiter plate well and a MALDI target
  3. Extremely rapid; the probe moves from one spot to another in less than 1 second
  4. It is a compact unit that requires a small footprint
  5. The spots or sprayed layers can be dried very rapidly
  6. The unit is completely biocompatible (quartz capillary probe)
  7. Very small, precise spots are possible (260 µm OD probe as option for 1 nl spots)
  8. Up to 20 layers can be sprayed even with different concentrations
  9. Sprays and covers tissues with Trypsin solution and/or matrix
  10. Controllable dosing pump for two solutions
  11. Designed to be easy to use. The control software makes it simple to develop and edit new targets formats and collection protocols. In addition, the unit is easy to service
  12. It is very reasonably priced with more performance,  compared to other present systems

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