Break-through in High Temperature Polymer Separation Technology

High Temperature Field-Flow Fractionation - AF2000 HT Series

High Temperature Field-Flow Fractionation (HTFFF) is a brand new technology ideally suited for the advanced separation of high molar mass polymers, such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

The AF2000 HT Series is the world’s first commercial HTFFF instrument available and was invented and patented by Postnova Analytics. The technology offers a broad separation range, a high separation power and is ideally suited for the separation of polymers, gels and nanoparticles.

The AF2000 HT is setting a complete new standard in high temperature polymer separation and marks a mayor break-through in polymer characterization.

HTFFF is the most advanced technology for the separation of high and ultra-high molar mass polymers at elevated and high temperatures. The system can be used to run applications up to 220°C, overcoming the limitations of the traditionally used polymeric Field-Flow Fractionation membranes.


  • High resolution polymer separations over a broad molar mass range
  • Gentle separation of high molar mass polymers under low shear force conditions
  • Patented cross-flow control system for precise flow rates and broad flow rate range
  • Stable detector flows because of patented FOCUS Technology
  • NovaFFF software platform for system control, data acquisition and evaluation

HTFFF is used for the characterization of polymers and macromolecules up to 109 g/mol and higher. Unlike High Temperature GPC, no size exclusion limit is restricting the upper molar mass of the separated polymers. Polyolefin samples, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, can be investigated, but also many other high molar mass polymers.

High Temperature FFF is a special version of Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF), which was invented in 1966 by Prof. Calvin Giddings, a two-times Nobel-Price nominee and co-founder of FFFractionation/Postnova. The company commercialized Field-Flow Fractionation and introduced the first instruments into the market in 1986.

Today, Postnova is exclusively focused on Field-Flow Fractionation and Light Scattering, offering a unique product portfolio of completely integrated FFF and LS systems. Postnova offers all major FFF versions, such as High Temperature FFF, Flow FFF, Thermal FFF and Sedimentation FFF.

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